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By Alegrium Category Puzzle

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When fate set apart the loving souls, you do everything to make them one.

The Blocks need you! Help them meet their halves in this cute slider puzzle. The goal is simple, but the journey is full of challenge.

Hundreds of level available, it's a great way to kill time and improve your cognitive thinking.

Just remember, every move counts! Make your best to beat the high score

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2.3 and up
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USK: All ages
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Ansh 1
Installed the game an hour back. Loved playing. Gave a 5 star rating right away. After about 15 mins of play the Chartboost ad video appears and plays and there's no close option. Ends and I start playing again, but then again just as I clear a level in 3-4 moves, the same video reappears and plays. And this is recurring. Lost all my love and respect for the game and it's makers.
Patao 2
Too much ads While the game itself is fun, there's just too much ads and then to be forced to sit through the full videos only to then be brought back to the level selection page is obnoxious.
Sarah 5
Cuteness I love the cute little blocks! Also, difficult enough to keep you coming back but, not impossibly hard. Great work devs!
Michael 3
Games fun, techs weak Good puzzle game but it's difficult to beat the best moves when the block don't always slide the way you swipe. Company needs to improve touch tech.
Albertus 2
Ad fest This game is fun. I like this game. Just too much ads and the most annoying ones are the unskippable videos. And the controls need to be fixed because sometimes the block move to the opposite direction of my finger swap. Sometimes it is also hard to even push the level buttons
stephanie 5
I love so much because it helps me relax and fun when I have nothing to do. I show other and thing that this helps they're brain and makes it fun I hope others like to
Tim 1
Unresponsive controls More than half the time it's obvious that a block should be able to move from its place but you just keep sliding and clicking it and the block blinks and makes a noise like it's moving but does not move.
Vale 2
The game is really fun, it entretains and it dosen't get boring, but there's just to much adds and is one after another after another and it gets really tired.
Crazy 3
Yeah Whatever It's alright very interesting in the beginning but the ads kill all the fun after a few minutes!
Nicole 4
Sweet. I love this kind of puzzle game so I really enjoyed it. I also love the graphics. Many thumbs up.
Toni 1
Fun game but... Too many ads. There's one every 3-6 levels that are video ads you can't skip after a few seconds like most games. Also, after finishing the video it takes you back a few screens instead of to the level you were on/next level. Controls also aren't very good. The block I try to move will move in a different direction than I indicated and it's frustrating when you're try to keep the number of moves down low. I'd rate this higher if there was less intrusive ads and if the movement was fixed.


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