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Location app for my precious family's safeguard and care.(Privacy Protectable)

The app enables you to recognize the location and state of your family or friend in an intuitive way and assist them in daily life or in emergency situations.
GPS Tracking, Safeguard, SOS, Zone Alarm, Moving Route, Precise Pickup, Remote Care, Safety on the Way Home.
Whether to act as a controller or a tracker is determined by selecting the role when signing up for your account.

Areas of Use :
✔ Safety on the Way Home (Child, Student, Woman, etc.)
✔ Home Visiting Safety
✔ Remote Care for the Elderly
✔ Patient with Chronic Diseases
✔ Remote Employee Management
✔ Maritime Safety
✔ Leisure / Travel
✔ Alone Worker / Solitary Life
✔ Fieldwork, Exploring, etc.

Main Features :
✱ High quality user interface and reliable and intuitive operation.
✱ Controller user can instantly recognize the state of tracker users such as moving activity, altitude above sea level, moving speed, battery level, locating method, log-in/out and power on/off as well as their location and address in real time.
✱ In SOS situation such as urgent or police-report situation, the SOS request from tracker user is sent sequentially to up to three phone numbers according to priority, and the locations continue to be sent to controller user until the SOS situation is terminated. So controller user can immediately recognize the location and moving route, and cope with the SOS situation right away.
✱ Tracker user can request a pickup using a very precise location. (e.g. Pickup in front, side, back or corner of building)
✱ Tracker user can continue to send locations at faster time interval for a certain amount of time when he or she is going to pass through potentially dangerous area or when he or she want to let controller user know the moving route.
✱ The new location of tracker users is displayed immediately on the map in real time, or controller user is notified with notifications.
✱ A controller can control multiple trackers and recognize their location and state.
✱ The location information is only transferred between the tracker user and the controller user that the tracker user has agreed to share location with, and it is completely secured by encryption.
✱ Location records can be stored and viewed for up to one year.
✱ Location records can be exported as a KML file, GPX file and screen-shot file, so controller user can send it directly to the relevant government office in case of tracker user's emergency. The file can be sent to email address or the cloud to store it, so you can also view it in a map program like Google Earth.
✱ Controller user can set up a home zone, care zones and danger zones to receive notifications of arrival or departure of tracker user for the zone.
✱ Tracker user's location records collected in no mobile data network coverage area will be sent immediately upon network recovery without omission.
✱ The map is displayed on a large screen, and with the help of the location player, controller user can dynamically check the movement of the tracker user.
✱ As touching on the location and pick-up markers on the map, user can see the street view and the directions for those locations.
✱ For the personal location information protection, it provides tracker user with a means of privacy protection by allowing them to set traceable days and time range.
✱ Supports screen rotation and works well on smart tablet device.

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I am saddened how some users downvoted with just one star the app without providing any exactly lanation nor taking in account the effort of the developers.
SJ 5
Well made app and very helpful for my family

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