Beat AIDS - 50+ Tips for HIV prevention

Beat AIDS - 50+ Tips for HIV prevention








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50+ Tips for preventing HIV, detecting early AIDS symptoms & Daily Health Tips

Why you need this Beat AIDS app?

The best precaution to AIDS is to know about it. Anyone can catch this disease and may not know for a long time until it starts to show major symptoms. The app will provide you all kind of information on AIDS as well as other reliable sources where you can read all about the disease. Its a one of its kind app, designed to spread awareness about the disease so that the user can take proper measures to avoid it. Whether you’re someone who needs to be cautious about their health or know someone who has been suffering from HIV infection, this app will assist you in one way or another by providing the necessary information.

What Beat AIDS app has to offer?

• Complete information about HIV/AIDS (causes, symptoms, prevention etc)
• Articles and external links on the topic
• Vaccines and Treatments for HIV/AIDS
• Glossary of HIV/AIDS-related terms
• 30+ Tips for preventing HIV/AIDS
• 13 common Misconceptions about HIV
• Learn the 9 early Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
• Types of HIV tests
• Daily health tips and more

How this app will make a difference?

Creating awareness about HIV/AIDS is not one man’s job but requires a combined effort. Only when we know about it and start talking to others abut it without any hesitation, we can make a difference and prevent any more cases of HIV/AIDS. This app is a small but effective step to provide hands on information to everyone about the disease so that you can stay informed and pass the same information to others in need.

About this initiative

Beat AIDS app is created as an initiative to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS among people, as a part of the World AIDS Day 2017. The initiative is launched by a team of doctors from Department of Community Medicines, KSHEMA, NITTE University.

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Namratha 5
One of the best apps I have come across on the information on HIV and AIDS. Breaks most myth surrounding this disease. Overall a good app on the information on AIDS, what a common person needs to understand and educate others
Dr 5
Not only does the app give a scientific and evidence based information on AIDS but it also gives lots of tips in prevention and management of AIDS. All the contents are factual and explained in simple terms. The video in the app is a must see one for those who search for scientific information on HIV.
Prince 5
It has what a non medical needs to know about AIDS and how to beat the disease by prevention through various measures that are mentioned in the app. Great effort
prashant 5
Let Me Hear Again Apps-this name is itself now a big brand after Beat Diabetes,Fight Depression like reknown and user friendly apps and now needs no further recognization but still I'll tell that particularly this app is like need of an hour for all people seeking for scientific knowledge on HIV/AIDS...kudos to Dr.Sharon
vidya 5
A great app which is highly informative and helps you understand HIV and AIDS better. Can definitely help remove the stigma around AIDS.
Dr. 5
Wonderful app. Follows KIS (keep it simple) principle for people with non medico platform yet nicely presented. Good work. Keep it up.
usha 5
A very informative app on HIV /AIDS ..A very useful one for a common man to understand the causes n prevention in a simple way!
Dr.Shefi 5
Great attempt,very informative, together we can spread awareness about AIDS
neelam 5
A very informative & easy to understand app with loads of genuine facts about d HIV AIDS.....really great job 👍
shameena 5
Really informative and gives a gist of AIDS
Very informative and nice app on AIDS... Please share..

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