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New Tower defense game

Tower Defense: Battle Zone is the most anticipated and visually stunning Tower Defense game in the theme of Battle Zone. We hope give you enjoy an incredible game experience.

Easy to play hard to master!


* 40 maps Campaign levels; enjoy the endless fun!
* Interactive terrains with the open path like the fieldrunners' gameplay.
* 20+ types of enemy units
* 7 types of towers, GunJet, Slow Tower, Missile tower, Laser tower, Bomb Tower, Sunray tower, Beam tower Each tower has 4 upgrading levels.
* Free combination of all turrets.
* 2 game modes: Campaign& Endless.
* Best Time Killer
* You may upgrade power of tower on upgrade shop, which will offer you more fun.

Thanks All !!

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4.0.3 and up
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Latest Ratings

Peter 2
Should be called ad watcher... the ammount of fake reviews are abismal. Do not let your child play this game... your phone will end up being full of random apps n games from all the forced ads.. the game itself is mediocre at best
Karl 3
Decent TD game that is similar to Fieldrunners but much less complex. Unfortunate mismatch between the amount of time/effort to win game (three stars all levels), which is very short/very easy, and the amount of time/effort to upgrade weapons, which takes forever. Frequent bug allows ground based enemies to drive through weapons rather than around them, though they are still damaged. Bug also allows an entire map to be filled with weapons, which results in very high wave scores in endless mode.
david 4
Would be nice if you could upgrade your starting cash. Also free spins? Doesn't work or the rate game button. Please fix. Otherwise good game, fun to play.
Joel 4
Great tower defence game - really like the permanent tower upgrade options and the different tower options available. Having achievements would be nice though. Howcome the main map is a Skyrim map and Skyrim locations? Is the game associated with Besthesda and The Elder Scrolls?
Danni 3
Screen keeps getting stuck at one end of the playing field so I can't go and upgrade towers or see what they are or stop them near the finish depending on which end the screen gets stuck
Kevin 2
It's fun but the upgrades don't seem to mean anything. I played endless with not upgrades listed until wave 46 spent 12 THOUSAND upgrade points made it to wave 48.. that doesn't make any sense. Please fix this.
Damian 4
Really nice game to kill ur time. However u always start ur game with $25 no matter what level u are.
Nicky 4
Addictive good play. Could do with starting cash being higher. Also levels get difficult really fast
Charles 4
Posting review for resources to be up front but I must say, I've played the first 5-6 levels and this is a really fun game! Graphics are really nice and gameplay is great
Kevin 3
Game is a bit simple but not a bad time waster. You need to watch a lot of ads to upgrade your gear
Kevin 4
Fun, but takes some farming. Or just logging in every day for a long time


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