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Order your taxi in just three clicks from Montreal’s largest taxi provider with the Taxi Diamond application, and pay your fare in whatever way suits you best, either via the application or to the driver directly (cash, debit, coupons or credit card). You’ll see for yourself how simple and quick it is!

ORDERING A TAXI: How does it work?
The application will geolocate you and suggest an address where the taxi should be sent;
Next, you’ll decide on the type of vehicle (sedan or van) and your method of payment (via the application, cash, debit, coupons or credit card);
That’s all there is to it! The nearest available Taxi Diamond will be dispatched to pick you up!

On your screen, you can track the car dispatched to pick you up in real time and estimate what time the taxi will arrive at the requested address.

Enter your destination address, and a calculation of your approximate fare will be displayed.


Reserve your taxi
It’s also possible to reserve a taxi for a future trip.

Consult your trip log
You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation of your taxi orders and a log of your orders over the past month to help you manage your expenses.

Personalize your profile
Configure the application by entering key addresses (home, work, daycare, restaurants, etc.), your preferred method of payment, and the type of vehicle that best meets your needs.

Rate your rides
Taxi Diamond is proud to offer the best customer service in the business and invites you to rate the cleanliness of the vehicle and the courtesy and professionalism of your driver. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Latest Ratings

Eric 1
Needs major improvement First time I used it it would let me set a later date/time. Then the option to pay from app took forever that I actually paid the driver instead and finally last time I tried to use it I waited for 5 minutes for it to find a car I eventually gave up and call another company. Gave it another chance today and never received the payment screen.
Valentin 2
Not working Can't order taxis. Not for now. Not for later. No call button. Nothing working. Too bad. Really wanted to support TagTaxi. Uber after all?
Pier-Luc 1
j'ai utilisé l'application pour reserver un taxi 24h d'avance. le taxi est arrive 25 minutes en retard et j'ai du appeler deux fois.
Melissa 1
App is still terrible App kept loading when trying to locate. Tried several times. Did not work. Used Uber instead.
David 2
Can't even enter your destination so the driver can get a GPS route. Need to constantly give driver directions even though they have a big GPS screen which only seems to serve to receive calls. You're going to have to do better than this.
Michel 2
Great features but did not work This app was able to find me a driver, pick me up, follow me and bring me to my location but when I got to my location the payment screen was frozen on loading so I had to pay with a I credit card. Overall not very useful especially since you have to complete the payment in the taxi. I'll stick to an app that works.
Daniel 2
Latest version works poorly Earlier versions worked fine. Latest version couldn't locate me, then stalled on finding a taxi.
Jeffrey 1
App was great until they fixed. Now it's useless Can't order a cab for later. Sequence of steps is all mixed up.
Max 5
So far so good I read those reviews, i never had those problems. Their service is great, they are super on time! I have been using this for 2 years.
Jerome 1
Good Idea, but doesn't work. I get error 300 whenever I try to order a taxi for later.
Fabrice 1
Très décevant. Obligatoire de créer un compte mais évidemment pas via Google. L'app s'ouvre sur un menu plutôt que directement sur la carte. Une carte mal fichue qui ne permet pas de sélectionner son adresse visuellement. Pas d'affichage des taxis à proximité ni d'estimation du temps d'attente. Et c'est censé concurrencer Uber...


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