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App Hider(No Root Required):Hide private apps, privacy protection,simple & free

App Hider can help you to hide apps. And keep your privacy by hiding apps.Never worry about others borrow your phone and access your private apps, or open your social apps.Without deleting the application that has been hidden in the app hider on the phone interface, the application can be started in the App Hider or in the mobile interface.


- Use easily and convenient
- Hide all installed applications (No ROOT Obtaining)
- With password and non-password protection
- Reset the password function
--App can exist in hider and mobile phone main interface
- Disguised App Hider icon function (make hider not easy to find, disguised as a calculator
icon and has the calculator function)
- Back to the App Hider’s main interface quickly (start hider’s application, then the
application shows hider suspension, click on the suspension)

How use App Hider?
The first time to start or in a protected state, do not need pin can enter the app hider. Disguised and inconspicuous calculator vault.Click for the protection icon to jump "Setup PIN Now"activity,then set Pin for App Hider.Once you exit App Hider,it will turn to the Calcuiator+’s icon to cover before App Hider’s icon,and keep working as a Standard calculator.

How to add apps to hidder?
In the hidden display interface click add app button, you can see the phone within the application, select the app to add to the Calculator Vault-App Hider, click the import apps button.

How to delete apps from App Hider?
In the hidden apps interface long press the hidden app, this is the pop-up delete icon, drag the application to the delete icon to delete the hidden application.

How to reset App Hider’s Pin?
In the hidden apps interface,you can press ‘ReSet Pin’,will see ‘Please enter a 4-digit number as your password’ ,then type new password and confirm.

How to quickly return to the App Hider main interface?
Hider floating window will be displayed When you start the hidden apps and click the suspension to jump to the AppHider main interface.

Such as uninstall outside the application has been hidden and the App Hider will not copy the app's original data to the same app in the app hider.

Android AOSP Calculator source code:

Apache License, Version 2.0

If you have any question about our product,please contact

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Latest Ratings

Angelica 1
WARNING! DON'T INSTALL THIS APP. PLEASE! The performance was good. I can hide my apps and disguise the app itself BUT!, I found that this app contains MALWARE. Thank God my Antivirus app recognized it immediately. So better not to install it. Hey developer, you can fool others but you cannot fool me!😏
Gellert 3
The notification hiding feature seems a little bit buggy for me. It's working, but in the Settings menu it's always jump back to the default value. I love the calculator solution though. Update : can't run some apps, because it says 'Google Services' missing from my phone. It isn't. Waiting for the update.
yellow_ 5
It's amazing, I love it good job you guys... At first I didn't know what u was doing so when I got on it the app I deleted was still their but it wanting showing in the home screen it was in the hidder.... 5 stars
Kenny 5
Excellent hides your apps under a fake calculator. Enter a pin and bam. Bit tricky but it works. No nobody can see what a freak i am 😀
Akash 2
Option is very good but it does not work at my symphony R100. It shows that "unfortunately app hider is stopped." Plz fix this bug.
Eagle 5
This app is amazing I hv been searching so hard for an app like this and finally tonight I got it trust me give it a try its reallllyy gud
raghavendra 1
It's not working properly in Mi A1.
Sim 2
The feature is good but it does not work in my phone J5 when the apps were drugged into the calculator+ app. Hope it can be inproved in the futur.
Reality 3
I love it. Works perfectly but for some reason i have an issue with the app not being able to find the messanger app
I can hide apps in this app hider but in recent apps the app name appears and due to this one can see and know about it
Nyc app just bcoz it doesn't requires rooting

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