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Joe is a Desert Storm vet who is extremely patriotic and politically incorrect.

Joe is a Desert Storm veteran who is extremely patriotic and politically incorrect. His education and degrees in psychology, criminal justice, and leadership is a wealth of knowledge to benefit from. He spent 30 years in the music scene where he performed four world records, shared the stage with the likes of Simon Kirke of Bad Company and toured Italy, Spain, Scotland and France to name a few. He also owned a music company and a father's and family rights advocacy organization. He has conducted extensive research into American/world history, government corruption and much more. He is also fluent in Italian. He discusses many topics that involve this great nation; from the founding documents and founding fathers to "true" American history, politics, state of affairs, government corruption, laws, statutes and codes to religion and life as well as survival and preparedness techniques, bug-ins and bug-outs and what it means to be an American Patriot.

Joe's mission with the Truthful Rhetoric consists of four goals; 1) To wake people to the reality of national and international political affairs 2) Educate them on said affairs 3) Get people to critically think on a collective scale and 4) Search for viable solutions to the vast and crucial issues that plague America. He strives to accomplish this by educating with facts, common sense and true American history.

The opportunity to flourish has become more attainable than ever before. This has been made possible as a result of Mainstream Media, Alternative News and the three branches of American government propagating falsehoods for generations now. People are craving to be told the truth and nothing but the truth.

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Shari 5
Patriot Watch Radio is the best public program to listen to. All about truth that main stream media won't tell you. Informative on many levels of your rights that most people do not know. A true Patriot teaching our Constitution,Bill Of Rights and many other topics related to today and true history that has been forgotten today. Must watch!!!!
calvin 5
This is the most informative and truthful information you'll ever receive it's not one person's views it's nothing but the constitution in what is written in it
Bud 5
If you want to know the truth about America here it is. Download this app and get involved.
This app makes it much easier to catch up and brush up on Constitutional knowledge. Thumbs up Joe!
Michelle 5
True history lessons!! Thanks Joe!!
Patricia 5
Awesome educational site for Americans young to elders.
Jim 5
Awesome and informative! Honest Education and no indoctrination!
James 5
Great stuff from a great man! The truth shall set you free.


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