chennai vasthu | all vastu tips in tamil

chennai vasthu | all vastu tips in tamil








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By Nithish Jaganathan Category House & Home

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This app proving a basic knowledge about vastu & ancient ayathi kulikanakku info

Arukkani A.Jaganathan is one of the best Vasthu Consultant in Tamil Nadu.

He has around 10 years of experience in vasthu Consulting.

In this small app gives details about vasthu and ancient knowledge about ayathi kulikanakku.

This is the first app in Tamil gives you depth knowledge in vasthu and manayadi sastram.

Vasthu sastra is nothing but we must follow some rules when we build the house or bildings for happy life.

Arukkani A.Jaganathan running websites and we can get all vasthu details from the websites.

He posting the temple news and spiritual news also in his facebook page.
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