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Play the classic game of Pente, a strategy board game similar to Gomoku.

Pente is similar to Gomoku but with a few fun twists and more than one variation of gameplay. In addition to winning by placing 5 stones in a row, players can win points for capturing enemy stones and making 4-in-a-rows, and can play with up to 4 players.

Other variations of Pente included in this app are Keryo-Pente, No Captures, and Five-In-A-Row. Instructions for each style of gameplay are also included.

TIP: Press and move your finger around the board for finer piece placement control.

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Tom 2
While playing on my phone, the app will not allow me to place a stone along the edge of the board, yet the AI can, which results in losing games I otherwise would not have. Definitely needs a fix. Play in the middle of the board is pretty good.
Thank you for making Pente available. I play on a 10.5" screen so controls are no problem. I truely enjoy this game. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is the AI is lacking the I. The game could use difficulty levels. But really I am so glad to see the game this is a minimal complaint. Good Job!
Great to see a good Pente game. Love the authentic look and options. Have not been impressed with any of the other apps I've tried over the years. The gameplay is not very challenging right now. Keep working on it!
Vivienne 3
The board is too small for any size finger or stylus and is hard to see. Colours are dull and unappealing. It's a great board game so I hope it is improved.
Ed 3
Pretty good start for being able to play Pente,so thanks for making it available. The AI isn't too challenging, so it'd be nice to see some options to set difficulty (or maybe I missed an obvious option?). The two biggest frustrations so far are 1) The game board is wiped clean any time the app screen disappears (e.g. - if the screen goes to sleep, or you switch to another app, or an alarm notification takes over the whole screen), and 2) I frequently have to use the "undo" option because the pebble shifts location as I pick up my finger from the board. This is especially frustrating if the AI just won the game due to my pebble landing in the wrong place, which then disables the undo button.
Chad 2
A.I. is toooooooo sssssslllloooooooowwwwww
Wont let me create two unblocked trias in one move, but never mentions this in the rules. Other than that this app, and game are great
Lee 1
No instructions on controls! I deleted it.
[GD] 5
Thanks for making a pente game!


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