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نعت رسول مقبولﷺ
Beautiful Naats Offline Collection
عید میلاد النبیﷺ

Naats Offline application contains best naats as well as naats related to 12 rabi ul awal. Naats Offline contains naats for each alphabet from A to Z. More than 20 naat sharifby different naat khawans are included. This is application contains more than 20 audio files of different famous naats. The naats are related to 12 rabi ul awal and general naat sharif are also included. The audio file format that was used for 12 rabi ul awal naats is the mp3. It contains naats of various naat khawans from different cities. Naats application contains audio file of less memory.

Audio naats are added in Naats Offline application which contains top audio naats of famous naat khawans. Naats are of different naat khawans. Naats added are in offline mode. Mp3 naats are included which has less memory. Audio naat shareef related application with multiple mp3 naats related to Islamic events.

Rabi ul awal naats are added because it is the month of rabi ul awal and people would be celebrating Eid milad u nabi on 12 rabi ul awal. 12 rabi ul awal is has very much importance in Islamic word because Muslim people celebrate Eid milad u nabi on the day of 12 rabi ul awal. Naat shareef which are added are among top naats. Eid milad un nabi will be celebrated around the muslim world.

Mp3 naats are included, Naats Offline also has naats related to Eid milad u nabi, Punjabi naats related to eid milad u nabi, Punjabi eid milad u nabi naats, Punjabi rabi ul awla naats, urdu naats related to eid milad u nabi, urdu naats related to rabi ul awal, Hindi naats related to eid milad u nabi, hindi naats related to 12 rabi ul awal are also included in mp3 format of naats. Offline naats can be played in Naats Offline. It is considered as best audio naats too. Naat sharif in Naats Offline has less memory. Naat sharif are simple naats of different naat khawans like junaid jamshadi, awais raza qadari, huriya rafiqe qadari.

Naats Offline can be used offline it doesn't download application after it gets installed.Audio player is there which helps to play, pause ect audio files. Madni naats are also included.Best madni channel naat khawans' naats are also included in this naats application.Naat shareef are soule touching. Islamic naats are included with proper layout which uses the media player to control the audio of naats is used. This includes naats for all Muslims.

It include multiple naats, top50 naats, top10 naats, awais raza qadri, junaid jamshaid, ahmed raza qadri, huriya rafiq qadari naats. New urdu, Punjabi naats, new Punjabi naats are also included. Free download mp3 naats by this application. Simple Free mp3 naats.
Naats by
Huriya Rafiq Qadari
Awais Raza Qadari
Junaid Jamshaid
By lots of other best naat khawans collection added.


• Pakistani naats app
• Indian naats app
• Naats for Muslim app
• Audio naats in mp3 format
• Hart touching naat shareef
• Madni naat shareef
• Naat of each alphabet from A-Z
• 12 rabi ul awal naats
• Audio player in offline mode
• More than 35 naats
• list of naats

How to play

We only requires internet when we download app, after that it works offline
-After opening the app, you will see naats with titles
-You may click any mp3 naat
-It will start to play
-You can next, previous, and play, pause the naats.

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