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The new way to stay safe

The app that works even if your device is taken from you.

Facing threatening situations just got a whole lot easier. From police and authority abuse to dangerous public interactions, Safe Encounter is here to help you get informed, deescalate situations, obtain help, and most importantly, keep you safe. This application provides you with information as well as assurance that a recording of the encounter will be available, even if your device is taken from you.

You can now learn how to prevent traffic tickets, travel safely, get nearby help, alert your contacts, and more!

Safe Encounter has a complete toolset at your disposal, from recording audio or video that gets uploaded in real-time to the cloud, to showing you constitutional rights and interaction tips, managing your contacts and keeping your files secured in your Safe.

Features on the Safe Encounter app include:
• Audio and Video recording with real-time cloud backup to ensure your interactions are saved from abuse.
• Interaction tips for many types of encounters, such as traffic stops, public stops, immigration agents, public transactions, etc. Learn to prevent traffic tickets and more.
• Your Rights, based on your current location, detailing how the law helps you against authority abuse.
• Nearby help locations such as police departments, fire departments, emergency rooms, or local lawyers.
• Cloud-synced, PIN-protected Safe to store your recordings and personal files, with the ability to manually select which files to sync online and which to keep only on your device.
• A decoy Safe to help hide your files, to be used in case you are forced to unlock it.
• Cloud-based Alerter System: This Alerter system works much like a dead-man switch, you activate it and a counter start, if the timer reaches 0 before you deactivate it, your designated contacts will get notified by an e-mail/SMS with a link to a website where they can see your last location & recording.
• Manage the contacts you want notified if anything happens to you via SMS or e-mails, and since not everyone speaks the same language, you can choose which language to notify them in.
• **NEW FEATURE** Get reminders before your documents expire with the new Documents Manager . Add your document information and receive a notification when it's about to expire.

What makes Safe Encounter different?
Other applications rely on YOUR device to contact or transmit information to your loved ones. That means if your device is taken from you and turned off or broken, then they will never know what happened. Safe Encounter works completely different, using the cloud to operate as soon as your Alerter System is activated.

Safe Encounter is the new way to stay safe.


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