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Add custom animations to your phone's Navigation Bar without Root or Xposed!

If you are looking for an app to Customize and Enhance your phone's Navigation Bar without having to Root or install Xposed, you are in the right place. Navbar Animations offers awesome custom animations that will add some life to your boring old navigation bar.

Please read the entire description before leaving a negative review. Also, if you are facing an issue, please mail us first so that we can can help you out and improve the app.

If the Pro features don't work after you purchase, please uninstall and re-install the app from Google Play Or reboot your phone.

If the app doesn't work on your device try disabling the Developer options.

Note for new LG device users : Set the app scaling for Navbar Animations to 'Fullscreen 18:9' in the settings. The default is set to 16:9 which is why it will not work.

What does this app do?
Navbar Animations is a personalization app that adds cool animations to your navigation bar which can be configured to make it your own. Choose from a wide variety of custom animations packs and never let your navigation bar be boring again! We are constantly working to add new features and improve app performance, do stay tuned for weekly updates.

Features :
• Enable Navbar Animations and choose an animation pack.
• Set animation speed, color overlay and animation triggers.
• Auto start on boot option.
• Pro Features :
• Remove all ads.
• All Animation packs(Current and future) available.

How does this app work?
Navbar Animations adds a layer under your existing navigation bar where all the animations are played. Due to restrictions in the Android system, it is not possible to add a layer above the existing navigation bar.

Will this app work on my phone?
If your phone already has a Software Navigation Bar (like this : ), then all the animations will work as they should.

If your phone does not have a Software Navigation Bar like in Xiaomi Mi phones, this app will not work.

This app does not work in some apps like Google Chrome!
Yes, since this app does not have root access or special privileges, we cannot overcome these issues. Nevertheless, we are constantly woking to make this app better, stay tuned for weekly updates!

Have any issues or suggestions?
Chat with us on Facebook, like the page for offer codes and updates :
Send us an e-mail :
Official website :

Help us with translations here:

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Latest Ratings

Ahmad 5
Beautiful animations without root. However it fails to recognise the navigation bar on my Pixel 2 XL. I've disabled the popup, but strange that it didn't do it on stock Pixel. Maybe change the detection logic.
Blake 2
Not a good app. There are other navbar apps that are better than this one. The app feels slow, and the constant ads are frustrating. The person that made this app clearly cares more about money than the user experience.
Shane 1
Downloaded it. Bombarded with full screen ads and the previews don't work. Everything I clicked was "pro version" only. Uninstalled immediately.
Andrew 3
Looks great but after a day it stops working and I have to relaunch. Would buy the full version if I didn't have to restart. Essential Phone.
Sarienn 3
Updated and now all I get is black previews and it's not working. I turned it on and off also. Worked flawlessly til now. 7.0.1 android LG stylo 2.
J 2
App is unreliable. I am using this on the galaxy note 8. When it works correctly, it's awesome. I even paid the money to buy the paid version because it's really cool and customizable to your color and speed preferences and has a ton of options. But now that I have, it constantly malfunctions and stops working. If you press the button before the animation has time to finish, it shuts down. If you open an app from the dock before it finishes, it shuts down. The only way to fix it is to manually force stop in your phone's app settings and start the app over again. I'm having to do this multiple times a day. This is supposed to be an app that is just neat and simple and runs without fail in the background but I have had nothing but issues. Users do not have time to sit and wait for the app to finish it's animation before doing what they need to do on their phones. It shouldn't be that way. Please contact me for a refund.
Jeremy 3
Pretty great but it would be nice to not have another notification in the notification area. Good price for the pro version.
murrax 4
All the animations need pro! Why not just make the app paid? Edit: Omg so sorry, all the ones I tried didn't work!
Casey 2
It's an alright app but from time to time after use, the animations freeze all of a sudden if used to much..
ʈɑɽɑ 1
Doesn't work on Samsung S7, S7 Edge 8, 8+, or Note 8. Tried it on All but no go. Plus is constantly wears down battery in background and you have no way to stop it other than uninsyall.
Josh 1
Garbage. It should be called Pay to Use Navbar for the LULZ


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