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So easy and addictive to play. Sudoku + Battleship = Logic Dots 2!

If you like solving ingenious puzzles, you need Logic Dots 2! It's so easy and addictive to play: place dots on the grid to make shapes and solve each puzzle. This uniquely fantastic combination of Sudoku and Battleship is simple and logical but increasingly challenging - Logic Dots 2 amazes and delights in equal measure.

Each brain-twisting Logic Dots 2 puzzle consists of a blank grid surrounded by numbers. Players need to find hidden dot lines and now shapes on the grid, making sure each row and column contains the indicated number of dots. This massively-anticipated sequel builds upon its acclaimed puzzle-board predecessor, the #1 puzzle-board game on the App Store with almost 1 million players in a week - incredible!

There are no time limits or move limits, and hints are freely given in some puzzles to make them easier on players. Beware though - as the game progresses, deduction challenges become increasingly devilish. Only true ‘Logic Legends’ will make it to the end of Logic Dots 2!

- USE LOGIC TO WIN: Place dots in the grid to create dot lines and shapes to solve each logic puzzle.
- BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION: Gorgeous, colorful levels are now even more of a treat for your eyes. Logic Dots is color-blind friendly as well!
- INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Logic Dots 2 sharpens logic deduction and improves cognitive skills in players.
- NO PRESSURE, TAKE YOUR TIME: There’s no time limit and no move limit. Take as many goes and as much time as you want to complete each puzzle!
- RENOWNED FRANCHISE: Logic Dots 2 is made by the lead programmer of the original Logic Dots, Logic Traces and hit puzzle game, Tiny Thief!
- UNRIVALLED DEPTH: Over 200 unique and increasingly complex brain-teasers provide many hours of intellectual challenge and fun. Yet more new level packs will also be released in free updates very soon!
- COMPLETELY FREE: Play all the way to the end with no in-app purchases required!
- LEARN AT YOUR PACE: Seamless tutorials for players of any ability level.
- COMPARE AND COMPETE: Your game score, Game Center achievements and leaderboards will show who’s the most logical of your friends. Surely it’s you?
- FEEL FREE TO MAKE MISTAKES: Any logic errors can be corrected with unlimited undo’s!
- HINTS IF YOU NEED THEM: If you get stuck, tap on the hint button and you’ll be puzzling again in no time!

As always, your amazing support and positive feedback is always much appreciated. We are working hard and will release new level packs in free updates very soon. Have fun!

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Will 2
The game itself is fine, but what I don't like about it is how it lures you into being forced into watching ads to continue. Either that, or paying for the packs. When I say forced, I mean you literally can't unlock the 4th level pack - and the first three aren't really any challenge. I had to watch one ad to unlock the third pack, but NINE ads to unlock the fourth. And if you use any hints at any point in the game, that number will go up. Should have been paid from the start, or there shouldn't be any ads in between levels.
Game is simple and fun. Well explained, moderate difficulty. Main gripe is with 70%+ of the content locked behind a paywall. Or you can watch loads of ads to unlock. If you want something to occupy you for an hour or so, great. If you want more, be prepared to pay (I'm not).
George 3
Does not save your last game. Starts from the beginning, including the tutorial. Originally gave it 5 stars, but re-rated it to 3. Follow up, now the score is stuck at 324. Wish I didn't upgrade.
Doesn't restart from where I left off. Can't get far without it seeming to require a purchase. Don't like being unable to exit the numerous ads. Will uninstall soon if can't continue without payment.
Chelsea 4
I love the game, but I hate that you need hints to unlock the next levels.. I feel like since you HAVE to have them they should be given out more freely rather than watching videos. Also, I could only get to level 11 & then there were no more levels for me to get to.. is there more than 11 levels on this game?
Kayla 2
Great game. But like everyone else says, it forces you to pay to play after a certain point. MAYBE if it was $0.99 but it's more than that.
Chelsea 1
I'll change my review if the issues are fixed, because i do think it's fun. I paid for this game with leftover money in my account because it requires way too many ads when it's free. I beat the level packs up to 10x10 and it keeps prompting me to play the 11x11 pack but then boots me back to the main menu and doesn't give me the option to play any further. This was way too expensive for what they offer. I paid 4 dollars for an hour's worth of play then no more levels offered? It's not worth it.
Kenneth 4
Good game. didn't mind spending $3 to unlock the levels. But upset that the other puzzles past 10x10 are not released yet.
Nancy 4
Nice game, but easier than first edition... not as much challenge. Annoying amount of ads.
Halley 3
I likes the game fun and looks okay, but to unlock leaves you either need to pay or watch loads of videos I realy don't like this
Daniel 1
They game claims to be a puzzle game, but all the beginning puzzles are way too easy, and once the puzzles can't be immediately solved, they become very much trial and error rather than challenging you to think. At a certain point, you need to watch at least 9 ads to unlock the next level pack. Thoughtless and not very rewarding


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