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Message your fans, view real-time stats, and manage and fulfill your merch.

The Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels lets you directly message your fans, even targeting those messages by fan location and level of support. It also gives you a real-time mobile view into your stats, and helps you manage and fulfill your merch.

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Latest Ratings

Out 3
For some reason, the app doesn't allow formatting of messages; I couldn't create new paragraphs when typing.
Jonathon 3
It's not as useful as it could be. I have all my music as Free Downloads and this app doesn't show those downloads. Of course bandcamp doesn't event promote Free Downloads, so....
Bryce 3
I really wish I could give this a 5 stars rating, since it's far better than Facebook's increasingly awful algorithm for fan outreach. However, there is one major issue I'm finding on Android, and another issue compounding it. I use voice-to-text, so this issue is probably far worse for others. When you start writing messages, you have the inability to read the text unless you hit the back button to double-check that there's no typos. Now, that would be fine in and of itself. However, if you double click by accident, you lose the entire message, and if you break it up into multiple small messages, then it just gets spammy. If they just add basic drafts caching for this like they have on the standard website, I will gladly give this app 5 stars.
Thanks for this! It's cool to have a central place to check your stats.
Christopher 3
This app is showing songs which i had deleted off the album. When i visit my artist page on the bandcamp website they are not listed on the album so i know the website is working good as usual. Wondering why they are showing up as tracks still on the album when i look at plays in the artist app. Deleted and reinstalled the app a few times, didnt help.
I like it but still there's hardly much you can do it on it, it would be so much better if you could edit/add albums or songs, or even upload them if it's possible to add that. As of now I see no reason to use the new app but hopefully that changes
This is the best underground music app out there. I have 2 bands on it. And Ive been able to reach out way more than any other music app that Ive used before. Mind Escape and Travi Morgan say thank you for being there bandcamp
Simon 5
Bandcamp is THE platform for indie artists and the app is a great start with some nice features. Keep it up!
Awesome!! Love bandcamp, and this just makes the experience for artists even better.
Wendell 5
Just got the app, so I'll update if it has problems. But just off the bat here, I'm really pleased with it. Gives me easy quick access to info I used to need my laptop to see. Thanks Bandcamp!
DJ 5
I love the app, it helps me know who's paid me and how much. It shows how many plays each track has recieved and lets me message my fans/followers.

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