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Enter in China town, cook tasty Chinese food and serve it. Best Cooking game.

There is a Chinese saying that Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible. well that may be a little too much but one thing is for sure and its that there is no food like Chinese food in this world. Chinese chef recipes famous throughout the world, they create and cook some of the most delicious and amazing food you have ever tasted. Well you can’t go to china just for food but you can bring yummy Chinese food to you by downloading Chinese Recipes Cooking Food Games this special Chinese food kitchen cooking game ever.

Start cooking Chinese restaurant food and learn unique chef recipes. Cook Chinese food items with great pleasure and fun and you get to serve your specially cooked Chinese food to your special customers and get appreciation. Chinese Recipes Cooking Food Games has best Chinese food items like Chinese hot and sour soup, tofu, noodles, spring rolls and a lot more. Fun with this restaurant food cooking simulator.

Chinese Recipes Cooking Food Games Gameplay:
Making Chinese food in very simple but interesting steps. Simple one finger controls to use your ingredients and mix them well. Cook your food in specially designed Chinese cooking tools and utensils. And decorate your dishes with amazing toppings and food items to make it look more beautiful and delicious.

Hey! You are in the Chinese food street in china town and there are different stalls and food restaurant shops for you. You can select any of the food stall or Chinese food restaurant from the Chinese food street and start cooking your favorite Chinese dish. Don’t over cook or under cook any of the dishes because Chinese like their food properly and deliciously cooked. After you have cooked your desired meal, it is time to serve it to your customer, which is non-other than a beautiful little Chinese cat. Isn’t it awesome? So, what are you waiting for? Download and install the game Chinese Recipes Cooking Food Games and let the Chinese food street cooking fun begin.

Chinese Recipes Cooking Food Games Features:
• A long list of Chinese food street restaurants to choose from.
• Huge range of Chinese ingredients to cook from steam, fry, boil, chop, bake etc.
• Gives you a feeling of a Chinese food street chef.
• A lot of Chinese food street tools and utensils to make Chinese food like spatula, rice cleaner, rice oven, mixer, pan, sieve, knife, cutting board, meat hammer, bowls, chopsticks, rolling pin, oven and so much more.
• Gives you a sense of satisfaction and relaxes your nerves.
• Perfect game for foodies and food making games lovers.
• Amazing graphics and UI takes you into a real Chinese food street.
• Interactive game controls engage you for hours.
• Specially created Chinese music and sound effects make it even more real.
• Totally free to download and play.

The Key to eating real Chinese food is Don’t ask what it is. Just eat it and enjoy it because sometimes it is better not to know what you are eating. But you can know what you are cooking in the latest Chinese food street food cooking game.
Chinese Recipes Cooking Food Games by BACA BACA Games.

Enjoy Chinese lunar year and make Chinese food in the food street and have a cooking game with the food games. Kitchen offers special Chinese recipes and Chinese food dishes with the food games and become a master chef in Chinese food maker may be even the best in whole china. Do you want a yummy blast of tofu then enter this food fair. Enjoy summer fun and play food games. You want renowned Chinese chef recipes then you are at the right place because we provide you panda games Chinese kitchen. Enjoy food party and cooking in Chinese food games. Enter in Chinese house Panda express super market and try different Chinese restaurant with home chef’s elephant rabbit and others are waiting for you. Best cook game food Chinese in safe heaven.

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