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By BBC Worldwide (Ltd) Category Adventure

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Discover the Californian Coast and an underwater world bursting with life.

An Official BBC Earth VR experience. Only on Daydream.

Life in VR is a new way to experience the Natural World. Discover the Californian Coast and an underwater world bursting with life.

Meet one of the furriest animals on the planet, experience life at microscopic scale and dive into the Deep Ocean with giants.

Witness first hand the creature behaviours and relationships which sustains this ocean’s rich and diverse ecosystems, and discover the secrets that underpin it.

While exploring this underwater world the player will:

- Dive with Sea Otters as they forage for food to sustain them and their families
- Travel through the Kelp first and learn about the vital role Kelp forests in the health of our oceans
- Become microscopic and discover how Zooplankton sustains the building blocks of the ocean
- Meet Krill, the most abundant life form on our planet
- Witness the diurnal vertical migration of Humboldt Squid
- Dive with a lone Sperm Whale Bull and experience a hunt that no human has ever witnessed

Warning: Please take reasonable and sensible precautions when using this product. Always be aware of your physical surroundings and do not use in an environment where you could put yourself or others at risk. Take regular breaks and stop using the product if you are feeling dizzy, nauseous or unwell.

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Latest Ratings

Raulan 5
Sit back, relax and enjoy! This is a great a way to learn something new. Easy to understand controls. Good stylised graphics. More of this please!
Rupert 5
This is great fun, especially if, like me, you love sea life and snorkeling. The graphics are basic but the audio is excellent and the sense of immersion is great.
Alex 5
This is lovey, and very well made. Easily the best educational VR app I've seen to date.
Andrew 5
Great experiment into the use of VR for educational, interactive story-telling.
Joseph 5
Hope many more experiences are to follow! I got 97%... Wonder what i missed or if there is reason to try and get to 100%
Martin 5
This is awesome! This is the way learning should be in school. Basic graphics but great anyway. Keep up the good work, BBC
Matt 5
Immersive, calming and educational.
Darin 5
This is why I enjoy scuba diving, though the fish are higher res IRL.
Baldwin 5
awesome, immersive, and educational VR experience
Ciprian 5
Amazing experience for all ages.
George 5
Great little experience, would be great for a classroom also


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