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The bright floors and plenty of wood. If you want that your home be in Nordic style this two things are first of what you need to take care. Until 1950 Nordic interior design was not accepted in the world, but since 1950 things are radically changing. Nordic style is characterized by functionality, simplicity, without a lot of details, clean lines. This manner of interior design is characterized by the use of bright colors such as white and big use of wood. Great attention is paid to natural light. The most famous Scandinavian designers are Hans Wegner, Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen. Their creations are very popular and today.

Rustic details are very popular in this style. In recent years, more often people combine different styles in interior design. Rustic details like a piece of furniture from bygone days can give the house warmth, and make it a pleasant place to live.

The combination of black and white color is characteristic of the modern interior of homes. Regardless of the black that we have on the floor and kitchen, this room have plenty of light. There are beames on ceiling that give a rustic touch to the whole space

Enough wood that gives warmth to the room. There is a floor mat made of natural fur what as the skin, is often in Scandinavian interior.

Fireplace is required in the arrangement of home in nordic style. Beautifully harmonized natural colors and natural materials like wood floor and stone wall.

Characteristic arrangement in Nordic style. Lots of light, little ornamentation and detail, white

Great attention in Nordic style belongs to quality pieces of furniture so that very often in their homes you will find the older furniture from quality wood and antiques. The white color is especially good for small apartments because it visuals increases it, and also increases the brightness of the room.

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