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Experience the Masters of the Sun graphic novel like never before.

Experience the Masters of the Sun graphic novel like never before with Augmented Reality features that bring the comic to life.

With Augmented Reality, graphics pop off the page and bring the action into your world. Real-time lighting highlights 3D heroes, zombies, and villains as they battle with their Weapons of Power. An amazing voice cast featuring stars and hip-legends such as Rakim, KRS One, Queen Latifah, Rosario Dawson, Jamie Foxx, Stan Lee, and many more bring the characters to life.

All backed by an incredible score composed by Hans Zimmer and

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We bought this app after purchasing the comic and it doesn't work? I Can anyone help my son is devastated. As soon we click on experience AR comic it closes?
Ms 5
This is FREAKING AWESOME! I'm so amped up about it! Thank you,, & Taboo!
David 5
This is the best comic book experience ever.
Brilliant!! Gamechanger!! This an awesome and creative way to read comic books..Masters of the Sun is awesome love it..great idea and experience!!👍
Mikaila 5
Super dope. I love the concept and the story and that so many awesome peope are involved. I just wish it was a little less awkward to use. It seems like the camera within the app is automatically set to 1.5× zoom. I'm sitting here with my phone up to my face and the book on my lap and I still can't see the whole page at once, where with my regular camera app I'd be able to get the whole page and then some in the frame. I'm sure this can be fixed with updates so I'll bear with it for now
rukiya 4
I gave this 4 stars because it could use an update. I'll change it after the update if better. Sometimes, the words and the speed of the bubbles don't match, and if you don't hold it still, it cuts off. And I had to hold my camera too far from my book to get the whole frame; it was too awkward and uncomfortable. BUT, overall it was amazing. I didn't really know what to expect, but it blew my mind. Dope effects, voice-overs by legends, AND music?!?! You can't lose. This is definitely revolutionary. I immediately showed this to my friends and family and they thought it was cool, and a couple are gonna even buy it. So definitely worth it for sure.
Daniel 5
Incredible! Amazing what The Black Eyed Peas have came up with, these guys were all over my childhood and I'm happy to see them still evolving and adapting to technology.
Alberto 4
A few glitches here and there, but overall a great experience. What I don't get is how to listen to the soundtrack, is that unavailable? Or is that something I have to unlock somehow?
Jerrold 5
This is on a whole other level of comic book reading! I love it!
Rich 5
Game changer in the way you read a comic book!!!
Richard 5
Will.iam has taken comic books to the next level

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