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The nuclear war RTS game

Millions of commanders are already playing First Strike all over the world.


**** - "A thought provoking and fast-paced strategy game" - pocketgamer
**** - "A gorgeous game with a message, that doesn’t forget that it’s a game" - 148apps
****½ - "An awesome game suited for casual and professional nukers alike" - appszoom
**** - "For my money, there is no better-looking game on the App Store" - pockettactics
****½ - "One of the best releases of the year" - whatsoniphone


Escalation is a downward spiral.

A nuclear armageddon is no one’s dream scenario. So choose your steps carefully, it’s a small path between war and peace. FIRST STRIKE is a great strategy simulation featuring snappy gameplay and an intuitive interface that makes dropping the big one as easy as ABC. But be sure to take the right measures to guarantee your people’s safety.

Pick one of the big nuclear players – from known Superpowers to an upstart hellraiser like North Korea – and plan your strategy wisely: Limited but clever options let you as the leader of your superpower steer your nation’s fate: Expand to other countries, build bombs or debuild in order to restructure your arsenal. Or use research to widen your options, such as: Ability to act quicker and build bigger bombs, better recon on your enemies actions, automated self-defense-sequences and many more.

Whether you’re a bloodthirsty warmonger or a tree-hugging hippie – it’s time to put your cards on the table. A quick and fun game with beautiful graphics, FIRST STRIKE shows you how little it takes to heat things up. With the tip of your finger you can control the destiny of the precious and vulnerable rock floating through space, the rock we call mothership Earth.


*Winner "Best Mobile Game" - Indie Prize Amsterdam*
*Winner "Most Innovative Game" - Best App Ever Awards*
*Winner "Game of the Year" - BOSA Awards*
*Winner "Newcomer of the Year" - SwissICT Awards*

*Finalist "Best Upcoming Game" - International Mobile Game Awards*
*Finalist "Most Meaningful Play" - International Mobile Game Awards*
*Finalist "Best Hardcore Game" - Game Connection USA Awards*
*Finalist "Most Innovative Game" - Game Connection USA Awards*
*Finalist “Best Strategy Game” - Best App Ever Awards*
*Finalist "Best International Game" - Ludicious Game Festival*
*Finalist "Best Swiss Game" - SGDA Awards*


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5.0 and up
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Latest Ratings

Unknown 5
At first i didn't like it but as i kept messing around and playing i LOVED IT. The game is very very fun addictive and sometimes intense. Besides some lag problems the game is very fun. Plus the darkened areas are annoying when they are in the middle out the screen. Would be kind of cool if you added co-op with friends for more fun. Still VERY FUN ADDICTIVE GAME!!! 😀😀😀😀😀
garrett 2
Hard to get used to, once you understand it was enjoyable! But has no conclusion, you play a half hour game and win, just have your screen fix on a location and back out. Just tell me I won. And once the game is in progress, there is no was to tell the difference between team colors, country boundries, or what you need to or can accomplish. Overall good concept, just really missed on the execution. Try again, it was actually fun until it really wasn't, and you just want it to end, but it didn't even give you that.
Henry 5
Amazing game!! It may take a few games to understand how everything works but once you get the hang of it, its just awesome. However, sometimes its not so easy to see the territories because its too dark and there was once that the game was supposed to end but froze instead. Nonetheless those do not take away the 5 stars this game deserves
Some 5
This game is one of the best games on the App Store, if not THE best game ever to be on the App Store. The graphics are amazing. The gameplay is very refined, I never got bored of making world peace via pacts and then nuking it all with superweapons. What can I say that yasn't yet been said? It's a nuclear war simulator, turning our worst fears into great joy.
Christopher 4
Awesome strategy game that sort of tests your ability to pay attention to everything and soooooooo addictive. You also have balance between scientific and military power plus control your land as you grow. Two problems are at the end of my matches, when I'm the last superpower standing, the game sometimes crashes where I can't move around the globe and one of the objective is to occupy all of Africa but every time I do it doesn't unlock the objective.
Nicholas 5
Great game. I would only change a few thing such as the sacking when impact it gets to be a bit much at times and can lag your phone. I did have a few ads pop up while playing but nothing too crazy
Dray 2
Unplayable. I started, had to go back to the menu to check how to defend, and then whenever I click "continue" an unskippable ad plays that just takes me back to the menu where the entire process repeats itself. I was really looking forward to this game (looked great, good reviews) but it just turned into a bug that just generates ad revenue. If this would get fixed i would play again and give it a higher rating, but until then, 2 stars.
Timothy 5
Great game. The shaking on first strike is annoying, and the darkened areas make it impossible to see. Still one of the best mobile games I've played. Despite what people say there's about one ad every half hour, and few glitches and lag even on an old, cheap, device like mine.
John 5
Great game! I always liked strategic war sims and this one is really addictive. I like the screen shaking when there are a lot of missiles making impact. The diplomacy and superweapons take a few games to really understand how to use them. The fog of war aspect is good too as it forces the player to use research. I have a couple more achievements to unlock and I will most likely purchase premium.
Christopher 5
Great game. Who doesn't want to nuke the hell out of North Korea? Good time waster/taker. I started plying to kill some time, then I played non stop for an hour until I dominated the world. So addictive.
Heroic 4
Hey help me! Ive started to play this game and its so awesome! The graphics is hd, explosive looks dynamics, and its simple! But, the only problem is when i started to play this game again, it said that my device isn't compatible with this game! Help me, my device is ZTE Blade V7 Lite and help me relaunched this game again.

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