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Snake & Ladder is classic board game in multiplayer mode, design for star player

Snakes and Ladders is an interactive classic Indian games of chance in a single set. Roll the dice and race your friends to the end. You will have fun as player roll the dice and move up the board in a race against their opponent- the computer. As player move up the numbered grids they will also face several snakes that hiss you, send you back to its tail position and ladders that help player to reach to destination point early. Board has grid counting from 1 to 100 and you need to roll the dice and finish the race early from your opponent and improve math skills as well.

Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. It is played between two or more players on a board having numbered, gridded counting from 1 to 100. A number of "ladders" and "snakes" are pictured on the board, each connecting two specific board squares. The object of the game is to navigate one's game piece, according to die rolls, from the start (bottom square) to the finish (top square), helped or hindered by ladders and snakes respectively.

***Play against Computer Offline
*** Play with local multiplayer upto 4 player Offline
*** Online Multiplayer Mode –connect to player from world wide
*** Direct challenge to anyone by creating private table.
Saanp Sidi game is a simple race contest based on sheer luck, and is popular with young children

Different mode for Offline Game

Classic Mode
1- Game starts with dice value of 1(one).
2- No extra dice roll chance on dice value six.
3- No extra dice roll chance on step up to ladder.

Indian Mode
1- Game starts with dice value of 6 (six).
2- Extra dice roll chance on dice value six.
3- Extra dice roll chance on step up to ladder.

Free Mode
1- Game starts with any dice value.
2- Extra dice roll chance on dice value six.
3- No extra dice roll chance on step up to ladder.

Try Snakes & Ladders game which is easy and fun loving experience with everyone. There is nothing more entertaining than playing together. Recall your childhood memories with saanp seedi without wasting paper and we have made snake & ladder . If you fan of Ludo Classic game then definitely you will like this also. Kids will enjoy hours of endless fun with this engaging game. This game will improve the kid's counting skills, calculating skills and sharpen the mind.

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