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Monster Crew [HACK Money]

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Become a monster in this "smashing" endless platformer with a strategic twist.

Leave a trail of destruction -- and loot! -- while smashing everything you see in this exciting endless platformer!

★ "I found myself actually quite engrossed by Monster Crew... Fans of the genre should check this out." -- 148Apps
★ "sensational graphics" -- AppZapp
★ "...the graphics weren’t the only surprise – the gameplay is a lot of fun too." -- PadGadget

Battle an onslaught of fierce enemies, dangerous hazards, and even giant bosses in the quest to recover your lost Monster Crew cards. Don't worry, it's going to help that you've been zapped into your favorite member of the Monster Crew, Frankenstein!

You're not all brawn and no brains, however. Use your wits to pick the perfect bonus cards along the way. Do you want to take some easy cash for your next big upgrade ... or convert some pesky spiders into delicious cupcakes? Should you use the Luck Talisman for better loot drops... or slip into the Flameproof Undies for when things start getting hot? Strategy matters. The game plays differently with each choice you make!

You started the day as Frankie, a boy who lost his prized card collection at a yard sale. But you'll finish it as the fully-upgraded Mecha Frank, laying waste to everything in your path. While you're at it, you might as well bring back Mr. Piggles, your trusty piggy bank. Or just smash him for some extra cash -- we won't judge!


• 17 Mysteries -- Explore the Evil Doctor's castle as you solve thrilling mysteries and unravel the story in this fifteen hour campaign.
• Exciting Combat -- Monster Crew is a simple, one-touch game with great platformer combat. Begin by stomping spiders and skeletons and you’ll be taking on screen-sized bosses in no time!
• 25 Bonus Cards and 36 upgrades -- Unlock powerful bonus cards as you progress through the story. And remember all that loot you've been collecting? Visit the bonus store to spend it on new cards and upgrades.
• Deep Strategy -- Monster Crew has an RPG at its core, with a wide-ranging skill tree that offers a nearly unlimited set of play options. Choose a different set of bonus cards for an entirely new game.
• Replayability -- No two games are exactly alike, so there's always a new surprise around the corner.

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Rolly 2
Was fun at first, but everything in the game is ridiculously over priced! Gold accumulation is slower then syrup in winter and "monster medals" are not surprisingly harder to accumulate then gold! The repetition drags this game down combined with the over priced bonuses!
Ab 4
Simple and fun. Does what a 2d platformer game should do, with an added element with its card system making things a little more interesting. Can keep you entertained but it lacked something to keep me coming back everyday; maybe the absence of a true theme due to it having no background music, or maybe its the lost identity with the game being a mix of arcade and a progression based side scroller.
Sam 2
If you make it so you walk yourself through the game I would keep the game but when you take that factor away you're ruining he game you just bounce up and down I don't like idle games
Nathan 4
Great game Great game. Too bad that I can't seem to sync my bought cards/progress between my tablet and my phone. (Or at least the 'sync purchases didn't do anything although it shows the success message)
Janette 4
Monster Crew Excellent way to pass time. .The only problem is the inability to sync my phone with my tab .This is slightly annoying as it means I am on different levels on each device. Five star game if the sync issue can be fixed. .
Dwayne 5
As advertised. I didn't love it, but it is excellent and I'm keeping it. Asus Nexus 7 - Basically this is one of the few side-scrollers that lives up to what it advertises in the playstore. The graphics are great and the atmosphere has great color. Controls are a breeze and playing it is lots of fun. It's a top 5 Halloween game so it's best played during the fall.
Jody 5
Nice game I purchased a product but never received this. You ask us to buy things to support you n I did only not to get my product
Vlad 5
you can stomp everything except the ghosts because they just killu just have to play itand the skeletons and only you can get with you can help you can drop me at hello so quick and the things that I fire proof undies you just gotta check it out cool you gotta check it out
Taylor 5
i absolutely positively love this game...i have gone through five different phones and before any social media app or other game it is always my first download regardless of how many times i have completed it. I even downloaded it to my boyfriends phone who is also hooked 😊
Juan 4
Really good game. I really like this game. It is entertaining,good gameplay,nice music and graphics.I am a fan of 1931 Frankenstein fim, that is probabbly why I chose to play this. I just wish they gave you more lives for free(at least two) for free.
Mynameisboring 5
Awesome game, gets me a little agrivated at times, but I still keep on playing over and over. Great kids game too my 7yr old plays all the time too!


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