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Train hard and crush your enemies. Ascend to legendary super yasain level.

Inspired by Dragon Ball Z the best anime of all time! Join the final battle and destroy your competition! Join the super warrior ball of the strongest. Level up and achieve new transformations of power. Best anime fighting for your mobile device.

- fast real-time battle system
- 15 character unlock
- unlock transformations like super yasain and more...
- various character abilities to unlock
- battle in beautiful locations

Requires a fairly strong mobile device. There are some GRAPHICS OPTIONS under SETTINGS. Set everything to LOW if you are using older or less powerful devices.
The game is targeted for android 6.0 but supports lower android versions (to android 4.2) just in case.

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Possible 5
Just two suggestions. First one, add story mode. You make the best games but people like a story to go with it. Second one, don't use so much ki for teleporting. One teleport and you're basically forced out of transformation. Thanks for the awesome game. Wow you guys actually help your downloaders and always reply helpfully thank you much
goku546686 4
For a mobile game ots cool but teleporting can be a pain as it doesn't always work nor is it fully clear how to use it if u miss how to use it there doesn't seem to be a training mode to go to to teach you these things so if you miss how to do something ur kinda screwed. But its still fun and enjoyable looking foward to some patches and even more fun
Noodle 5
Overall a good game. Has decent graphics and and gameplay. However sometimes the control stick gets stuck and the lack of a stiry mode makes it so repeative. Also try to add like a character customization to change the hair ect on the pre made ones you can pick.
Howling 5
Love this game. Just something I found, when I use a blast I'm able to teleport behind my enemy by tapping the block button. Not sure if its intended. Keep up the great work
Well it has a amazing graphics and features and so thank you and a mother thank you because on the beginner levels you didn't let them the opponent fight so thank you but overall very good game keep making games like that is but make it akame ga kill.
Joshua 4
Well i don't like how the energy cost to maintain a transformation is not applied to the enemy also, its really annoying that you have to manage ur energy while ur enemy need no effort to maintain their transformation, just take it out or apply it to the cpu😬
court 3
Only thing making this not 5* is that I keep having problems with logging in with Google and this means that if the game crashes and kicks me off, I could lose everything i have so far.
Ward 5
Wow,Just Abig WoW the characters Are good and graphics too but theres no story mode pls add story mode And the character Carrot is so Good He's so Powerfull in the FSS lvl
I love this game. It is very addictive. It would be nice to have more backgrounds like a city, space and possibly another planet. Also you should add a spirit bomb and death beam
Brody 2
For some reason it won't let me even play the game it's only just a blank wight screen pease fix this and I will rate it 5stars because I know it will be good to play Because I have played the old games of this too and they are cool😎
Lebohang 3
I don't know if it's my tablet or not because it doesn't want to play there's a screen that's says press to continue but when I do it exits I don't know why please help I use a mobicel cherry but I really liked the first and second power level warrior

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