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Help for early skin cancer detection. Under Dr. Gerard Pitarch’s supervision.

Did you know that 90% of skin cancer cases can be cured if they are detected early?
Molexplore "Skin Cancer App" is an application that aims to help in the early detection of skin cancer. This tool helps to keep track of your skin spots in a simple but correct way. As a user you can periodically carry out a photographic record, locating your spots on a map of your body. This record can be of great help to the professional in dermatology. With this tool the patient will be able to show these photos to his dermatologist in his checkups, well done, with quality, and totally comparable, facilitating the evaluation and the diagnosis.
Molexplore "Skin Cancer App" can also offer valuable information on different skin diseases, as well as tips for better protection of the skin and prevention of cancer.
Molexplore's "Skin Cancer App" also includes an approximation of the UV index in your place in real time, as well as offering the forecast of the UV index, temperature and humidity of your area,.

Molexplore "Skin Cancer App" is suitable for patients and family members who have spots or moles that require monitoring and control. The structured follow-up system and the enhanced camera of Molexplore "Skin Cancer App" can help detect various skin problems including multiple types of skin cancer such as the following:
- Melanoma, and fast growing melanoma
- Basal Cell Carcinoma or Cell Carcinoma
- Squamous cell carcinoma
- Squamous cell carcinoma
- Other less severe skin cancers:
- Cutaneous lymphoma
- Kaposi's sarcoma
- Dermatofibrosarcoma the malignant histiocytosis
- Carcinoma of Merkel

We hope it will be of great use to dermatologists and other healthcare professionals, and of course of great interest and help for anyone who is concerned about prevention, skin health, and the risks of the sunburns.

Molexplore "Skin Cancer App" has the following functionalities:

- Body Map: This section allows you to take pictures of your body, full or by sections, creating a map of your own skin to know the location of spots already there. The app also allows you to set reminders and alerts to carry out a continuous follow-up. You can follow up to 6 people using local profiles, so your beloved ones are also covered.

-Documentation: We offer you publicly available and relevant information in an easy, fast an convenient way like a brief manual of what the ABCDE is, how to perform a screening, tips and suggestions to learn how to take care of your skin, how to have a healthy sun exposure, recommended measures by the most relevant health entities around the globe, tips to correctly apply the sunscreen according to your skin type and the UV index of your area, in addition to the steps to follow after tanning, etc.

- UV Index / Real Time: You will have access to the UV radiation index, temperature and humidity forecast of your place along with the appropriate advice for those conditions. You will be able to know a real time approximation of the UV index, if your device allows.

- News: Information gathered regarding skinhealth, with images and the latest on melanoma and prevention.

- Test: By means of a series of graphical questions you will define what is known as your Phototype. Knowing it can help physicians in the analysis of skin lesion. The questions here are related to the time of sun exposure, number of moles, or family history.

- Backups: Once all the follow-up work was done, it would be a "painful" problem to lose it. That's why we provide a way to store all your information and the other profiles of your application wherever you prefer (SD, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), encrypted and secure.

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Ernie 1
No-one wants to create yet another account to add to the already unstoppable amount of spam most folks receive. Nor do they want to have the info passed to third parties.
alex_little 3
It was good at first but then when I went back on and pressed login it would just go of the app, please can I have some help with this
Erik 4
Can you add reference pictures? Or automatic classification in risk category.
Ward 2
This doesn't help do anything at estimate or track skin cancer danger. Complete waste of time.
Sharon 2
Wanted a photo app to identify possible skin cancer...doesnt seem to do this.
Edward 1
It's too redundant and needlessly complicated for a documenting app.
Razvan 1
Htc one m9 android 7 register not working 'birthdate' I can select only day birthdate and can't month and year and without these informations I can't press register button because are required
Laura 1
Cannot get the camera to respond reliably and will not move on after the photo step.
MeMnOn1000bc 1
This app labelled by Australian ACCC (govt consumer safety watchdog) said the app has no possible use. However I found spyapps on my spouses phone (in my name) To install Linux, hidden operating systems and whattsapp along with celestron remote telescope controller (another spy app with fake name) the app here has to be opened just once. The app roots the android phone and sets up the files which are then removed and untraceable once set up. I don't understand why this app is still here.
Sergio 1
This app sucks it does not store the photos you take or I haven't figured out a way to retrieve them once you reopen the app. It is difficult to you use you can take photos with your own phone camera you don't need this app
Averil 1
Not easy to use I have had far easier


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