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What’s Cheaper? It's the most addictive Trivia Quiz game ever! Try by yourself!

If you or your kids are addicted to trivia games, then you will instantly get hooked to this addictive brain challenging game! You will have to take a hard quiz about which item is cheaper than the other one and you need to prove that you have a general culture by answering all questions of this new quiz game. And the best thing is that there are over 500 different items to compare, so you will have a great opportunity to enjoy playing our game for hours non stop! Sound easy, but can you really do it and find which item is cheaper than the other one in this amazing trivia game?

Why do you need to download and install Whats Cheaper? Trivia Quiz Game on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of other quiz games?
✓ Beautiful HD Graphics that will give you a very great experience playing this awesome trivia game.
✓ What’s Cheaper? is Free and it will stay free for life, so there’s no hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription fees to challenge your brain.
✓ You will enjoy this trivia game without coins! You can also buy hints.
✓ What’s Cheaper? is a daily brain challenging game and it can be played by Adults and Teens. Your whole family can play it and they will enjoy it.
✓ We added over 500 different items to compare! We guarantee that you will play our game for hours non stop!
✓ You have to think quickly since you lose a point if you don't choose within 10 seconds.
✓ Don’t know the answer to a question? You can easily use a hint.
✓ This amazing trivia game is for intelligent people who want to challenge their brain playing a fun game.
✓ Perfect for time killing, leisure, brain training, bonding with family and friends. Good for kids too. Have fun.
✓ Three game modes:
- Classic game mode - you play with all the items in database and the game is infinite (until the wrong answer, of course)
- Time Attack game mode - you have only 40 seconds to get the maximum count of points, it also contains all the items, but here you can even fail sometimes:)
- Categories game mode - consists of 7 (at the moment) different categories:
--- Fashion
--- Technologies
--- Footballers
--- Football Clubs
--- Vehicles
--- Art
--- Countries
You can chose the category, which fits you best and play only with the items of that kind. It's even more addicting than playing with all the items. Try to master in YOUR field!

What's cheaper? Mercedes Benz SLS or Chess set? Antimatter or Google company? Picasso picture or house in Brooklyn? It's not as easy as you think!

What are you waiting for? Download What’s Cheaper? and enjoy the best, cool and free trivia quiz game ever!

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