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Brand New 3D action-packed & strategic RPG. Collect and train your heroes!

* If you download this CBT version, you need to download another new OBT version to play. *

Join with friends in the innovative real-time RPG battle arena! Collect and train your heroes, gather your teammates and defeat your rivals in thrilling and fast-paced games.
BRAVE LEGENDS is a brand NEW 3D action-packed & strategic RPG for players who want to have exciting and relaxing experience in limited time.
Easy to pick up, however, it takes a true master to conquer the World!

1. Hundreds of choices
- Countless Epic Heroes of different attributes to Collect:melee physical warriors, powerful magician, high defense tanks. Collect as many as you can and assemble the greatest team!
- Hundreds of stunning skills for you to explore. One-touch releases each hero’s unique special ultimate skills in real-time battle.
- Multiple ways to improve your heroes. Find the best way and become the strongest!

2. Strategic & Customized
- Collect different heroes of different attributes. Unique combinations of heroes will activate unique team skills. Build your dream team to activate powerful team skills.
- Train, upgrade, and customize your favorite Heroes of different attributes. Heroes skills and talents are all combined by yourself.
- Your skill, strategy, and lightning fast reactions will command your heroes in each battle to lead you to victory.
- Evolve Heroes in Your Own Way! Assemble the greatest team of heroes for strategic victories!

3. Brilliant Combat
- Control your powerful heroes with HIGH Mobility. Tap the screen and your heroes go wherever you want. Dodge or Interrupt skills from enemies. Unleash powerful skills in all directions.
- In auto battle mode, your heroes dodge AOE from enemies automatically, increasing your chance of victory.

4. TONS of Gameplay
- Real-time Colosseum: Battle players around the world, using strategy and technique to defeat your rivals!
- Guilds & Wars: Create or join Guilds with hundreds of players, strive towards common goals!
- Ancient Relics: Dungeon-crawling game mode based on the Roguelike genre. Will you tough it out, or die in the first stage? Remember: there’s no going back.
- World BOSS: Fight the powerful BOSS together for victory and rich rewards!
- Mercenary camp & Mine War: Get stronger even if you are offline!

5. Exciting PVP
- Real-time matching and fighting. Cooperate with your teammate and fight against your rivals! Slug it out in 3 Minutes!
- Compete with the guilds from other servers in cross-server battle! Want to be the champion? First, unite your guild!

6. Abundant Rewards
- Keep login to get rich rewards. FREE HEROES and Diamonds included!
- Rich offline Rewards! Get stronger even if you are offline! Dispatch mercenary and occupy mines to collect fruitful rewards!
- Earn abundant bonus form tons of gameplay and enjoy!

* Languages supported: English and Simplified Chinese.

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karl 5
Tested CBT and cant wait for OBT on 9th October!! Guys its sure hard for gaining those gold at early stage,once u reached lv40 above gold are not a problem. Advised if u are hardworking try not to skip stage using card,so u got chances to meet BIG GOLD BOX with 50k gold. So far im okay with all the thing in CBT except ARENA! Level 30 player can beat up lv50 or 60 player. I taken some photo to post in FB but i cannot enter the FB page of BLs. They should have a page in FB so easier for us to report those cheater!!! Overall its a good game n hope the dev will do something with those cheater or else ppl would stop pump in money and quit game. Thanks
Zizzie 2
Quite an ok game, option for auto battle very early on and fast battle speed too. But it's a huge pay to win game. In-game coins one gets from fighting and alchemy are far, very far from enough, coins are needed to upgrade skills, equipments, evolve chars and all the hoo hah. When something is ready for upgrade but coins are lacking, one can imagine what a great disappointment that is. The game is still in CBT but the developers never stop urging players to top up. Meh. Uninstalling.
japeth 5
like the auto battle system the only thing that I don't like about this game is the stamina 6 heart per normal dungeon and 9 for elite is a bit too much
john 5
I rate 5 its a best game but hoping they will catch all cheater or illegal diamond buyers..also hoping we can get all our top up points after cbt
Aaron 1
changing the full refund on the monly and 45days package.....i still had 20days on monthly and 40 days left on 45 days card, no refund for those off ppl
Kevin 2
This game got many cheater 50 heroes loss lv 32 heroes in arena. Guild raid boss with 4 millions hp can direct kill by 1 player in 2 second....
Dcg 5
Here's my thought about this game..its fun and in fact it has good story line..but what make me so disappointed is I can't used my goggle account to I can't even binding my account. So until you fix it I will uninstall it
Overall a good game simple controls and gameplay but hopefylly give more info about the skills and champion(hero)
Juan 5
Its hood, except the energy replenishes too slow
Jasper 4
We'll see if this game deserves 5 star. I haven't explore the whole game yet. So 4 star for now.
Rodel 5
what happen for CTB update we can not find


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