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Electronic golf scorecard. It can work in two modes: competition and practice.

The application is a part of Golf Competitions Management system (BQGolf).
The system is designed for organising golf competitions played in various formats and for collecting and presenting results of the competitions.
The system contains the following programs:
1. BQGolf – main program (desktop/laptop),
2. BQGolf Viewer – competition result viewer (desktop/laptop),
3. BQGolf Players – player databases editor (desktop/laptop),
4. BQGolf GC – golf course databases editor (desktop/laptop),
5. BQGolf MViewer – competition result viewer (mobile devices),
6. BQGolf MScorecard – electronic scorecard (mobile devices) – this application.

BQGolf MScorecard is an electronic scorecard designed to enter scores on each hole which are then automatically transmitted to the main program BQGolf for further processing. The scores can be displayed on a large TV screen or projector and they can be watched in real time by other users using separate programs BQGolf Viewer and BQGolf MViewer.
The application can work in two modes: competition and practice and supports two game formats: stroke play and match play. Internet connection is required only in competition mode.

In practice mode the player reads a NFC Smart Card or scans a QR code at the reception to get all golf course information (pars, stroke indices, distances, course ratings, tee positions, etc.). Then selects tee position, enters own name and own exact handicap (or selects a default player set in program settings).

In competition mode the player reads provided by the Committee a NFC Smart Card or scans a QR code to get all competition and golf course information. Then selects a competitor (a player for whom he/she is a marker) and a marker, i.e. himself/herself.

Then in both modes names of selected players and their playing handicaps will be shown. Additionally, in match play the number of strokes received by one of the sides will be shown. Then by pressing the START button the scoring will begin.
In stroke play format upon completion of each hole the player (marker) enters the number of strokes taken by the competitor. Hole scores of both the competitor and the marker (entered by his marker) will appear at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, total gross and nett Stableford scores will be shown.
In match play upon completion of each hole the player (marker) presses the button with the name of a side that won the hole. All hole results are shown at the bottom of the screen. The current match result is shown in the middle. If a side receives strokes on the particular hole, the number of strokes received on that hole will be indicated next to the side’s name.
In cup competitions (i.e. when each match must be decided) when the match ends A/S a play-off starts immediately after the round. The play-off will be played over holes decided by the Committee (competition mode) or by the players (practice mode). The match ends upon winning the first play-off hole. In league competitions usually matches can end A/S and play-off is not required.

After completion of a round/match and checking the scores with the competitor, the marker signs the scorecard by pressing the appropriate button. No changes can be made after signing the scorecard.

In competition mode scores/results are transmitted to the Committee automatically after completing each hole. The scores/results then are processed by the main program (BQGolf) and displayed on a leaderboard at the club house and distributed to all computers using BQGolf Viewer and mobile devices using BQGolf MViewer.

To see the system in action watch on YouTube:
stroke play:,
match play:

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