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By BraveOrange Category Simulation

Description & Details

πŸ‹οΈAn idle muscle gains game.πŸ‹οΈTap your way to become the muscle king.πŸ’ͺ

Simple controls
Simply tap to bulk up your very own muscle king.
Perfect for your daily commute, on your way to school, or whenever you have a second to spare.

Skills to help your journey.
Use usefull skills to get massive gains.

Jobs with amusing matching attire
Get your dream job and get the cash flowing.

A diverse set of houses and vehicles
A variety of interesting houses and vehicles to help you become the machoest of them all.

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Android Version
4.0 and up
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Installs (Google)
1000000 - 5000000
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Latest Ratings

Roy 1
*** downgraded review again because ads are taking over. I spend about 30% playing game, whilst 70% is sat swearing at the countless, repetitive ads. Dev don't seem to want to listen to the audience they trying to provide for *** Used to be good, but since latest updates, it's ad after ad after ad. I select the mini game so that's an ad, then when I complete one mini if I select to double it, it plays two ads?!
Sam 4
Is pretty good just needs more mine games
The 3
That damn test your punch minigame only gives me 257 and I hit it 100%. right in the middle of that red spot where I was supposed to tap again and only got 257 zis pissing me eff
Brian 1
Recent update reset my game!!! Went from muscle level 514 to 1! I will not be starting over!
Max 1
Bad, really bad, too long and resets
Jose 4
The game was good but to many ads.
Ryan 2
Progression needs to be fixed. A prestige option maybe? Almost no multipliers and I'm not looking to watch this animation do the wrong curl any longer. Honestly looks like he's dancing with dumbbells. This game would be fun but needs to be fixed. Will keep for now and pray for updates πŸ™
Tim 1
Ads completely ruin the experience. This is a quirky, funny enjoyable clicker that unfortunately decides to serve ads literally every opportunity it gets. There's a random chance to be served an ad when you click on ANY button. I click options to mute the game and it ran an ad. COMPLETELY obnoxious and not worth your time, despite how nice the game itself it. Put in a paid option to shut off ads for the love of God.
Brandon 1
Too many ads I don't even want to attempt to play this anymore. When you upload an image it's a full box image no transparency it just looks horrid.
c 3
Badly balanced, quite a few bugs, and progression is almost impossible, the calculation for 5 hours of energy for gems is incorrect for me. If they can fix these bugs I'll enjoy the game much more.
Josie 1
Ads ads ads ads ads catch the drift yet? Every 30 seconds or less ads ads ads ads. Want to double your earnings? Watch an ad but wait as soon as you finish the first ad itwill run a second ad. Then when you click okay to collect your earnings, it will run another ad. Ads ads ads ads ads.


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