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By Broken Reality Category Simulation

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Build your business empire by clicking and become the world greatest capitalist!

Welcome to The Big Capitalist, our Young & Ambitious business investors!
You are in the right place to fulfill your craving of establishing and expanding businesses, and to become the world greatest capitalist!

Start your worldwide monopoly enterprise from the most basic product - wheat. You can accumulate capitals by clicking to produce more wheat, and by investing your money to other industries.

In this idle game, the only thing you need to do is clicking, clicking, clicking, and then watching your capital growing rapidly.

*Yes, it’s your chance to pay less and win the world!*

There will be more opportunities and challenges waiting for you in Big Capitalist! You can hire managers to help administrating businesses, or introduce new technologies to boost profits; and more to discover!

To be the Oil Tycoon or Federal President? That’s not a question! With Big Capitalist, you can dream big to win big, and take the world in your hand!

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Latest Ratings

Michael 1
Bad ripoff of Adventure Capitalist so that the creator can cash in on hundreds of thousands of Trump-tards. Genius.
Lorenzo 1
When you get out of the game and you get online again there is a certain amount of money you gained through offline. When you open the game there is a notification or something like that which sais do you want to double. I advise you don't double you will lose all your money
Jimmy 3
Its full and i mean full of ads you cant play more then 2 min stright without some type of add poping up granted a lot of them help to boost you profits but its still way to many in there
Logan 1
This is just an even worse variant of AdVenture Capitalist! It's not even improving it in any way, it's actually somehow worse!
Obvious rip-off of Adventure Capitalist. The developers should be ashamed of themselves for being unoriginal thieves.
Russell 1
Blatant, note for note, dollar for dollar rip-off of Adventure Capitalist - with more ads and less fun.
Gary 1
The depiction of Africa in this game is BLATANTLY racist! Do not support this developer!
Excellent for the capitalist at heart especially if you love seeing money Grow
4n4s 1
Bro why are you using 5 Star bots ? xD
Gerald 3
Game keeps freezing up every 10 minutes kinda annoying to have to close it and reopen it
David 3
Latest "bug fix" update throttled Pharma Group. It used to be my #1 revenue generator, now it makes virtually nothing. Also, I haven't earned a single angel since I updated. Update: they released another bug fix, so I installed it again, but apparently my progress wasn't saved anywhere? I'm deleting again.

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