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Browse the web twice as much

A lite web browser with two tabs in one display. You can have two separate web sites open and displayed simultaneously on the screen. Play videos on the first tab while reading news on the second one, visit your social media account or play online game while reading a book or whatever.
Basically, you can browse the web twice as much.

Also you can listen videos & musics in the background while on another website. Just open it and then make the other tab full screen, it will continue playing.

You can open links in the other tab with long click. Wanna go back to previous page or go forward? Just long click on "forward/back" button to switch it.
Have fun!


Night Mode
The Night Mode feature, which is included in many social media applications, is also available in the Dual Internet Browser app. So your eyes will be less tired in darker environments where light is less. Using this feature depends on your preference.

Translate web pages
You can view the foreign sites you visit in English.

Text-only Mode (Load no pictures)
You can use the Text-only Mode if you do not want the images to be loaded automatically. With this feature, you save money when mobile data network is on.

Turn the first tab upside down
One of the most different and perhaps best features of the application is that it allows two people to use the device at the same time.

Desktop Mode
You can switch to Desktop Mode to use the features that are not available in mobile versions of websites.

Landscape Mode
You can view web pages side-by-side in Landscape Mode.

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Kuldeep 4
Really liked the concept, good job. I would like to suggest the option of maximizing the video in it's tab i.e when I play a YT video, there should be a button like the one we usually get but instead of maximizing the video to whole screen it should adjust to it's tab only. Another thing, individual tabs in both if the windows. That would be awesome.
Courtney 5
This is a great web browser. I love the fact you can have 2 windows open at the same time. Then if you don't want 2 windows open you just click a button & only gives you one. The browser is fast & extremely lightweight. Only issue I had was if you watch a video in one screen/window then open a page in the other it does slow down a tad bit but not much or anything unbearable. Other then that nothing else. One feature that would make it better would be a built in ad blocker or the ability to download one as a add on. For the most part think this truly is worth the money & recommend it.
Livio 5
Really great browser, easy to use with a simple set of features, I love that it has no bloat-ware in any way, hopefully some small improvements, and tweaks will filter into the browsers updates over time, thank you dev for creating this smart browser.
White 4
This would be awesome if we could "share" webpage to social media
Carlos 4
It's awesome but small on my S5.
Sagar 5
This app is great.....I loved this......
Lite and powerful. I wish the windows could be resizeable and on portrait you could have the option to have sibe by side and not only top bottom.
Christopher 5
OMG!!! This app is amazing. Works better than I could hope for. Worth the price and more. Keep up the great work!! Thank you.
DriveKnight 5
Could you add an add-on for this browser? And more stability, btw I can't seem to fullscreen when watching youtube video, pls fix thanks!

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