EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner

EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner








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Run far & fast across beautiful lands with the ten Horse Guardians of Everbloom!

Run far & fast across beautiful lands with the ten Horse Guardians of Everbloom!

Budge Studios™ presents: EverRun™! Assemble the ten legendary Horse Guardians of Everbloom and join them on the most magical adventure to save their forest! Brush, feed, take care of your horses and decorate each of their stables with divine decorations! Run far and fast across magnificent lands to recover and return to the Everbloom Tree all of its lost magical petals!


• EXPLORE the world’s breathtaking landscapes, from radiant rainforests to dusty deserts!
• GATHER all lost petals to bring the Everbloom Tree back to life
• USE the Guardians’ super powers to dash past obstacles, blast through them or even take flight!
• COLLECT Embers to awaken the full power of your Horse Guardians
• DRESS UP your Guardians from head to hoof with mythical armor sets!
• GROOM your horses with magical brushes and feed them to replenish their energy!
• ENHANCE your runs with epic trails made of furious flames, sweet snowflakes and more!
• DECORATE your stable with divine decorations for glorious rooms worthy of the horse heros
• RACE through all of nature’s challenges, blizzards or sandstorms, day or night!
• ENDLESS RUNNER MODE: Gallop without limit, gather as many petals as you can and set your own record!

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This game is really good! Loved it! You need a really good brain to think of this awesome game. BUT the only thing bad about this is the CONTROLS. I swiped left, the horse stays on the same line and I lose a heart. Its not fun when you keep on losing. Everything else is magnificent!😃
Alexis 5
I absolutely LOVE this app. I only have one problem. I have Lily & Violet unlocked and got them both their first armor sets then I bought Maple. I opened the game later and now all my armor is gone and Maple has to be released bought. Is this supposed to happen?? :(
Wolf 5
Really awesome and fun, it becomes really addicting to those video game geeks like me that love to max out their character. Well done. Youve caught the attention of a bored 14 year old
Cora 4
Look, I love it. But could you please fix the lag. Whenever I start it lags so bad that when I swipe it won't take it. And when I find a heart, it doesn't count. I would like it if you could please fix this.
I like this game a good deal. It's beautiful, gives a decent premise, and for the most part it's pretty enjoyable. I am however in agreement with at least one of the other reviews here - the lag is a major problem. I've lost many races because the game simply wouldn't respond to my movements or because the visuals were locked up and I couldn't see an obstacle. For others trying to play this game though, I have figured out a workaround. If your horse has only half or less energy then they will run slower. That means everything has more time to load, which takes care of the problem almost completely.
M 3
I love the horses and the graphics and stuff but the controls suck. It won't let me jump for the most part and steering is a bit tricky. It's sort of laggy that's part of the reason why the controls are bad. Please fix this and I will show my true appreciation. Thankfully yours, Abigail.
Cute 4
It's overall good, looks awesome and I like it. I would give more stars if it wasn't for lag. It doesn't move when I swipe and it hits something it could be easily avoided by if it just didn't lag as much
Melissa 5
Everything about this game is absolutely fantastic! My daughter & I can both play & both really like it. It's challenging enough to keep my attention as an adult & she's able to keep up enough to occupy & enjoy herself too. She's so proud & excited when she wins & can buy things for her horse & the only thing that lags here is me=) The graphics are very well done too...
LM 5
Great game and Graphics, its one of the best games I've ever played. The only problem is that I lag in the tingle area, bit other then that's GREAT GAME!
Bethany 3
I love it! But when it comes to some of the areas the place lags which causes the horse to get hurt more easily and the controls to be useless. Please fix
Reuben 5
This game is great for my kids aged 4 and up. I got hooked too but not very clear on small screens, excellent on tablets.


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