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A new way to search and browse the web. Try it today!

Cake is a better browser for your phone.

No more jumping back-and-forth between a search results page and the result links. Just swipe and go.

Find more with less effort, searching across multiple services for videos, images, news, and shopping.

Make your search results more meaningful by selecting and reordering your preferred search services.

Cake Slices let you organize links to create a morning routine, scan multiple social accounts, or save ideas for your next vacation—all your favorite sites in a quick swipe.

Get Cake today!

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Latest Ratings

I found this browser more appealing and user friendly in my own ways, it kind of solved my need to go for a laptop or pc while browsing in my smart phone. Its a great idea and you guyz have done a great job amd please keep improving it, hope that all small issues with it get sorted out with the next update but to tell you the truth am not at all bothered with the small things. To me this browser is the easiest browser in a smart phone that I could find. Great job guyz and keep up the good work✌️👌👍
Manish 3
Seems like a good app to me. Does it's work but it's not as responsive as a browser should be. Adblock does not always work. Tabs are not kept in memory for a long time and that's the reason they keep reloading most of the time. There are lags. Though it's a good concept but I would not depend on this browser for my daily browsing.
Anil 4
Really a fantastic browser. It minimizes the effort from our side. All results are right in front of you and all just a swipe away. No need to go back and open again and again. Go and swipe, thats it. The loading time is just a bit on the higher side. Good job dears
Nilesh 3
Great Concept, but needs improvement, Results are awesome and useful. -Ad blocking not working -Swiping is there then why redirect to last result on backkey, how user will close this app- user forcefully kill the app -Tab scrolling is not smooth -Don't load content on tab scrolling -Loading takes time bcoz it displays all results in tabs on search time once but if we back then it again loads.-Lagging too much -Need download option -Need bookmark manager to manage pages while saving bookmark in popup -Still more issues and improvements in my list... 2 stars are too much for me to give you just for top results.
shirkhajit 4
Nice concept, but need some improvement. A bit slow in comparison to UC browser.
Esther ne bola isliye install Kiya. Vaise to main shakt launda hoon, but yaha main pighal gaya.
Choad 3
Concept is really cool, i liked it, but its transitions are very laggy, I am using 1+3t still its hard to move from left to right & vice versa.
My first result is "cant open page. Error got html status 503
piyush 5
Great UI. I'll love to use it as a default browser. But it is a little slow. Fix it soon.
Adam 3
Really cool ideas, but the app is laggy and slow when scrolling, swiping, etc. Would also love to see some DuckDuckGo integration.
Krishna 1
I don't like it. It wasted time.

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