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HIIT, Yogi, Pilates, Mindfulness Quotes, Power Yoga, Kundalini, Prana for Stress

★★★ Top Free Trending Meditation and Relaxation App of 2018 ★★★
★★★ Largest Meditation Library of 1000+ Tracks ★★★
★★★ To help you Meditate, Do Yoga, Sleep, Relax and Calm ★★★

Free Meditation Music by Bliss is a free meditation app to relax the body and mind. Enjoy listening to the beautiful melody meditation sounds that will aid you in finding inner peace, helping reduce stress and even to fall asleep.
Bliss contains content from more than 30 topics like as Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Asana, Modern Medical Science, Homeopathy, Unani, Tantra, Sidhha and many more science like this.

Free Meditation Music – Self-Healing app contains healing sessions and content from different topics like Spiritual meditation, mantra, touch, River, Waterfall, acupressure, food, crystals, rudraksha, plants, pyramids, prayers, Buddha and many more.

You can do meditation, yoga with different types of sounds using Meditation Music :
★ Chakra Meditation
★ Chakra Healing Meditation
★ Chakras Balancing Meditation
★ 7 types of Chakras Meditation
★ Root Chakra Meditation
★ Sacral Chakra Meditation
★ The Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation
★ The Heart Chakra Meditation
★ The Throat Chakra Meditation
★ The 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation
★ The Crown Chakra Meditation
★ Hand Chakra Meditation
★ Hemi Sync Meditation
★ Kundalini Meditation
★ Color Therapy Meditation
★ Spirit Junkie Meditation Songs
★ Head space Meditation App
★ Kundalini Yoga Meditation
★ Tibetan (Buddha) Meditation
★ Mantra Meditation
★ Happiness Meditation Sounds
★ Nerve Plexus Meditation
★ 21 Day Meditation Challenge
★ 7 Day Meditation Challenge
★ Chakra Balancing
★ Meditation anfänger Songs
★ Guilty pleasure Healing Meditation
★ open ended meditation classes
★ Sacrum Méditations
★ 417 hz healing Meditation
★ Beginner’s beginning meditation
★ Experiencing natural anti-depressant
★ Guiding light energy meditation
★ Méditations guidées
★ Walk alone Meditation
★ meditation audio chakra test
★ Fertility meditation/ Audious
★ Expert meditation
★ Positive Energy Meditation
★ Nature Sounds
★ Sleep Sounds/Sleep Meditation Songs
★ Relaxing Music
★ River Meditation Music
★ Nature Sounds
★ Top Meditation Guided
★ Birds in the Garden Meditation Music
★ Seaside Morning Meditation Music
★ Forest Meditation Music
★ Mountain Stream Meditation
★ Ocean Waves Sounds
★ Rain Forest Sounds
★ Summer Rain Meditation Songs
★ Depression Ultra Sounds
★ Tropical Beach/Tropical Storm Meditation Sounds
★ Urban Thunderstorm Meditation Sounds
★ Top Sleep Meditation Music
★ Yoga Meditation Music
★ Relaxing Melodies
★ Top Calm Songs
★ Mindful Meditation Music
★ Free Meditation Music
★ Top Meditation for Sleep
★ Guided Sleep Meditation
★ Free Meditation App
★ Top Meditation Healing Songs
★ Om Mantra Meditation Sound Chants
★ Healing Meditation
★ Relaxing Nature Meditation Music
★ Meditation Classes
★ Relaxing Meditation
★ Chakra Meditation
★ World Best Meditation Music
★ Top Meditation Music App
★ Meditation Sleep Music
★ Best Meditation Sounds
★ Top Meditation Music
★ Top Yoga Meditation Songs
★ Free Healing Sessions
★ Best Meditation for Beginners
★ Relaxing Music
★ Top Calm Music
★ Guided Meditation & Mindfulness
★ Deep Healing Meditation Music
★ Calming Anxiety Meditation Music
★ Managing Stress Meditation Music
★ Deep Sleep Meditation Music
★ Focus and Concentration Meditation Music
★ Happiness Meditation Music
★ Self-Healing Meditation Music
★ Relax Meditation Music
★ Relax Rain Sounds
★ Relaxing Nature Rain Sounds
★ Relax Nature Sounds
★ Relax Night Meditation Songs

Types of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga.

Types of Meditation: Transcendental Meditation (TM) by Maharishi, Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM), Kundalini, Guided, Visualization, Qi Gong, Zazen, Mindfulness

Bliss App helps to lead a better physical, mental and spiritual life through the blend of Vedic Wisdom and Modern sciences.

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