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The cheapest digital cycling power meter on the market for your road bike or MTB

Introducing the power meter app for outdoor cycling by Capitán Nugget, a cycling app that makes power-based and Watt-based training possible for everyone, now that professional cyclists have shown us amateurs, cycling tourists, rollers and overall travellers what it can do. The Fitif Power! cycling app calculates cycling power as reliably and accurately as crank-mounted and pedal power meters, which are hard to find for under € 300. You can now test Fitif Power! free for unlimited sessions. Offer valid for limited time only.

1-. How does Fitif Power! work?
To use the Fitif Power! the GPS is absolutely necessary, so activate it, as it essentially works with geolocation. On the other hand, it works with a barometer/altimeter that was incorporated from version 6 and up of the device, so it is recommended for this device and subsequent versions. All of this shows that what it is and that it should only be used outdoors.

2-. What do I need for Fitif Power! to work properly?
It is therefore recommended to use and connect a Bluetooth cadence sensor, as the data will be more accurate. You should also use a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, as knowing your heart rate is important when estimating power if you are cycling in a group and alone, to give a couple of examples, so it is important to take a heart rate monitor.
Once you have downloaded Fitif Power! you will have to configure several settings:
- The length of the crank
- Weights, yours, fully equipped, and the bike’s, with everything you are going to put on it.
- The type of bike.
- The surface on which you are going to cycle.
- The type and pressure of the tyres.
- The type of pedal...

3-. Is my power not shown instantly? Why does Fitif Power! calculate an average every 15 seconds?
Considering all of the variables mentioned above Captain Nugget have developed their own algorithm to estimate the average power every 15 seconds. Instant power can give aberrant results, which is why an average is usually calculated for a certain period of time. In this case, those aberrant values can be due to faulty readings by the Smartphone sensors.
The latest version of Fitif Power! calculates the average every 15 seconds so as to minimise aberration. We are currently working on an update that will provide averages that calculate and show power results for shorter periods.

Calculating your cycling power has never been cheaper thanks to the Fitif Power! app. Visit us at:

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