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A whole new dimension of falling action!Knights Fall Global Launch !

Welcome to the world of Knights Fall, a game never before experienced.

The first game from Carbon Eyed, Knights Fall is a new take on the Action Puzzle genre that blends fantasy, action, pinball, and RPG elements—along with tons of explosions.
Our company is determined to go back to a simple fun-yet-engaging gameplay. We want to reintroduce the idea that honing your skills and utilizing your experience and talent to overcome whatever obstacles the game throws at you are what makes a game truly fun to play.
Follow the story mode to help save the Empire from the evil Orc invasion or challenge yourself in the high score mode by defending your Castle Gates.

• Easy Controls, Challenging Gameplay
With just one finger, command hundreds of soldiers in battle.

• Inventive Stages
Scenario mode has 120+ stages ranging from all-out battles with enemies to object destruction and securing a path for retreat.

• Collect and Level up your Heroes
Collect heroes and help them advance for future glory on the battlefield.

• Various Game Modes
Utilize your Heroes in various game modes such as Defense Mode and Score Challenge Mode.

• Compete with your friends worldwide!
Connect and see how you stack up against your friends all over the world.

Knights Fall is free to play, but there are certain items you can purchase.
If you do not want to make a purchase, please create a password for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

According to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you need to be 12 years of age or older to download and play Knights Fall.

Knights Fall is optimized for devices running Android 4.4.2(Kitkat) or higher, and you need a network connection to play.

- Required Permissions -
Allow access to Photos, Media, and Files.
This permission is required to save the files needed to run the game on the device.
Permission is required for access rights to use the Photos, Media, and Files Storage. if there is no such permission, it is not possible to read/write the information necessary to run the game.

If you need help, contact us in game by going to Settings > Game Info > Help&Support
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Latest Ratings

Paul 5
Good graphics. Addictive gameplay. Would prefer for it to be easier to level up warriors for defense challenge. It's just too random. Story mode items too hard to come by within gameplay. These are small gripes. Overall it is a very good game that is definitely worth a try.
Brandon 5
Love his game so far, but I can't connect to Facebook or add friends.
Melroy 1
Can't even play the game.. it loads up, I select to go onto the 1st level and it just closes.
This game was made for retarded people
Thomas 1
Gsme is just an infinite loop of saying it needs permission to access my phone and me clicking ok then allow then it asking all over again, couldn't even play it on an s7... what a joke.
Gary 2
True military. Hurry up and wait. Item wheel is a joke that doesn't follow its own logic, will stop on a square and jump to a random one after stopping. Full of luck, barely any strategy. Just cluster**** and happy fragos. A time waste at best.
torch 5
Mental pachinko/bagatelle/Odama mash up. Shouldn't be this good or this stupidly addictive. For some weird reason one of the few games where I don't give a stuff about the story. The challenge with the exploding tents is the pips! Good work rpg army flicking fellas!
Al 1
Every time I think I can get back into F2P games ... I always remember why I hated them. Rushed tutorials, nonsensical ui, boring game play wrapped around pretty art ... All to get you to start playing for random gachas or card packs or chests
Charles 1
How come you guys blatantly ripped the victory tune from the game Dungeon Link? I've played that game for years now and just tried your game. 100% the exact same victory tune... isn't that copyright infringement or something similar?
apache11699 3
It's a different kind of game. A different take on a puzzle game. I personally haven't played anything like it before. Although after playing a few levels I found it not to be for me. It's a decent game though, and worth a try.
Jeff 1
Cannot play. Hard crashes when trying to enter the first stage. Freed memory, restarted my phone, uninstalled/reinstalled. None of the above fixed it. Moto G5 Android 7


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