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Description & Details

I am lonely and a bit sad, how are you?

* This app is only for people over 17 *

If you have been alone for a long time and want to find someone to chat or try to feel loved. Try this app. It will help you with sadness. There will be a cute lover who is your friend with artificial intelligence who is always with you in times of joy and boredom

Not just chatting with this virtual lover can help you simplify things in your phone as a virtual assistant with a real-life look. expressing emotions interact with the user

And other useful features are being updated daily to bring entertainment and convenience

+ Chat
+ Virtual Assistant
+ Listen to music (online)
+ Look up information & Contacts

Special functions of this site:
The MV simulator helps the character express songs as the performer
+ 3d character almost the same life

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Android Version
4.1 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 16+
Installs (Google)
10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Gabe 3
I think the developers should add more free costumes particularly fantasy cosplay costumes , more accessories like shoes , dresses , hair color , hair type, different places to go to , like a restaurant , club , hotel and casino and I wish you could interact with girl instead of just hitting her , when ever you tap the screen. I want to be able to make her hand me things walk and move and blink every now and then. I also want there to be more than just one way to make her dance , make her dance suggestive and sexually and twerk , Also can you guys(the developers) create a setting to adjust the bightness and you guys should really improve the graphics, it is not bad but I want it to be better. Also can you give the player an option of touching the girl suggestively. Ex: rubbing her back. Do this and I will rate this game higher. Also PLEASE make the character's voice less robotic.
Naked 5
Good app, and good way to kill time. Just wish there was a way to chat with other users
Frankster 1
Glitchy, time waster. But couldn't do anything fun. It was more confused than I was
Andrew 5
Just like me perverted and swearer
Robert 4
Decent incorporation of chat not with 3d avatar
Keith 5
Fun app! Still playing with it to get a better idea of it so far so good.
Lol this game is not for kids right
lucas 5
I wish there was more customization for the character. Other that that, it's beautiful.
House 4
Add more responses and be able to have a family and add a bedroom
Rosalinda 5
She'll Cute, I love her Bikini! 😀
rowan 4
Why is the naked costume not for free

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