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See all the cryptocurrencies info updated | Powered by Coin Market Cap

CoinMarketCapp provides +1000 cryptocurrencies real-time info in your android phone

✓ Add cryptocurrencies to your favorite list.
✓ Receive alerts to be aware when any currency reaches the desired value
✓ Set your cryptocurrencies and your invest and see your benefits.
✓ Historic: Last hour, last day and last week info.
✓ Search and sort among a +1000 cryptocurrencies.
✓ Available in USD (United States Dollars), EUR (euros), GBP (Great Britain Pounds), CNY (Chinese Yuan), AUD (Australia Dollars), HKD (Hong Kong Dollars), IDR (Indonesia Rupiah), INR (India Rupee), JPY (Japan Yen), MXN (Mexico Peso), MYR (Malaysia Ringgit), RUB (Russia Ruble) and SGD (Singapore Dollar). Are you missing any currency? Ask for it!

The new way to stay tuned for every coin on the market

View all your blockchain assets at once, and find detailed information on each coin. Having a clear overview of the cryptocurrency market can drastically help anyone.

WARNING: To ensure a properly work of alerts check that "Restrict all background data" is set to OFF. Otherwise alerts won't work.

Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, Ethereum, Ripple, NEM, EOS, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash... Monero, Bytecoin, Golem, Stellar Lumens, Dogecoin, Zcash, Stratis, Augur, Waves, Gnosis, Steem, Siacoin, BitShares, MaidSafeCoin, DigixDAO, GameCredits, Lisk, Round, DigiByte, Factom, Tether, Decred, BitConnect, Ardor, SingularDTV, Iconomi, PIVX, Aragon, SysCoin, FirstBlood, Byteball, Nxt, Komodo, iExec RLC, Melon, Peercoin, Lykke, ReddCoin, Emercoin, Storjcoin X, BitcoinDark, Counterparty, TokenCard, Xaurum, Wings, Gulden, Ubiq, Ark, Namecoin, Nexus, WeTrust, Edgeless, BCAP, EarthCoin, Synereo, YbCoin, NAV Coin, Matchpool, Humaniq, PotCoin, Infinitecoin, Burst, Swarm City, BitBay, Pepe Cash, Blocknet, Agoras Tokens, Unity Ingot, Expanse, LBRY Credits, Chronobank, BlackCoin, Verge, MonaCoin, E-coin, Nexium, Etheroll, Vertcoin, I/O Coin, Waves Community Token, GridCoin, ZCoin, TaaS, DigitalNote, Radium, MergeCoin, FedoraCoin, Omni, HEAT, Clams, Bitcrystals, Viacoin, vSlice, Skycoin, Energycoin, Crown, Creditbit, Golos, Bitland, VeriCoin, FlorinCoin, Rubycoin, OBITS, Pluton, Mooncoin, Bankcoin, NeosCoin, Einsteinium, Pascal Coin, BelaCoin, VPNCoin, Lunyr, Bitcoin Plus, Primecoin, Novacoin, ION, E-Dinar Coin, Aeon, Global Currency Reserve, Shift, Safe Exchange Coin, SolarCoin, DNotes, Asch, FirstCoin, Bitmark, MonetaryUnit, Feathercoin, Auroracoin, PinkCoin, FoldingCoin, Incent, Vcash, WorldCoin, SaluS, Gambit, Janus, SIBCoin, APX, XtraBYtes, LuckChain, ZClassic, Ethereum Movie Venture, LoMoCoin, Darcrus, bitCNY, CloakCoin, Unobtanium, Wild Beast Block, XCurrency, NautilusCoin, ArtByte, FairCoin, BitBean, Zennies, ICO OpenLedger, Myriad, Quark, Riecoin, SpreadCoin, Diamond, Circuits of Value, Curecoin, Megacoin, BitSend, Veros, DeepWebCash, Spectrecoin, Musicoin, Cryptonite, Mintcoin, PoSW Coin, Zetacoin, Digitalcoin, Tickets, Sphere, Zeitcoin, AsiaCoin, DubaiCoin, GoldCoin, Rise, TransferCoin, FUNCoin, ZcCoin, Steem Dollars, Startcoin, MaxCoin, Espers, Adzcoin, LiteDoge, OKCash, Atmos, iCash, RaiBlocks, HunterCoin, 2GIVE, Groestlcoin, BoostCoin, BlockPay, bitUSD, Project Decorum, RouletteToken, Bata, Breakout Stake, Blitzcash, Inpay, ChainCoin, Visio, NewYorkCoin, Bitpark Coin, CryptoCarbon, Creativecoin, Boolberry, GlobalCoin, Ixcoin, CageCoin, Sequence, EuropeCoin, Stealthcoin, AudioCoin, ArcticCoin, DIBCOIN, TagCoin, Yocoin, Hacker Gold, Anoncoin, DopeCoin, HiCoin, SecureCoin, vTorrent, PepeCoin, Voxels, InsaneCoin, VeriumReserve, e-Gulden, Minereum, Unitus, ShadowCash, Centurion, Pesetacoin, ProCurrency, Bitswift, Qwark, EverGreenCoin, PutinCoin, HempCoin, Colossuscoin V2, MediterraneanCoin, HTMLCOIN, CannabisCoin, Tokes, Fantomcoin, ExclusiveCoin, WhiteCoin, ReeCoin, Renos, Magi, Syndicate, Deutsche eMark, TileCoin, Tao, HitCoin, NuShares, Synergy, Canada eCoin, GeoCoin, NobleCoin, CasinoCoin

Based in Coin Market Cap public API

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4.0.3 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Best crypto app out there. You don't store your actual info here just mimic what you have to see without risking your safety how values change. Akfe saver. Except for my mental health is going down the damn drain because I keep checking it constantly it's so easy.
rajesh 5
Best app so far I have seen. Use it and u won't regret it. It shows options to enter the quantity and price of coins u have bought and the mark up value as the market goes up and down
One of the best out there for crypto portfolio management. It's the one I use most. However, some things annoy me. No option to remove ads, no widget support and no way to sort coins in your wallet
Tobias 5
Ads...please remove. Can i pay to avoid them? Edit... I can not add any favorites anymore due to the placement ofnthe ads? Started 2 - 3 days... Its all working again, also like the new refresh option, for my itchy crypto thumb 👍
Sang 5
Great app and good look. The pictures can be a little smaller to make room the the numbers and words to be bigger, especially the symbols. Good portfolio/wallet tracker. Charts are excellent with the cross pointer.
michael 5
It's good, but can't login it's just showing prices if every coin. I suppose that's OK its an exchange and safer no trading via the app.
copy 4
it keeps spamming the rate me button to often and has a HUGE af banner on top of the screen but the rest works pretty well cor the t min i have been using it and had 12 rate me popups
Vikram 4
1) Remove ads or give option to upgrade. 2) Don't keep on asking me to rate. 3) Add really small widget support like BitcoinTicker. 4) Need a better compact way of looking at multiple favourite coins. Like 20-30 coins on 1 page view. 5) Create a graph of investment portfolio with time.
Andrew 1
Slow. Ads suck (video ads? Good grief...). Good luck in future, but, blechh.
Jesse 5
I love the app. I would easily pay to remove the ads. I personally like using features that include the markets for each coin. It would be nice to include this into the app for each coin. Thanks!
byoonxk2 3
Why can't I see charts? Samsung s8. Just black screen with a few orange dots

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