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Fight your way to box office glory, while fending off the gangs of New York!

Fight your way to box office glory, while fending off the gangs of New York! Manage a theatre in a game of high-stakes business, dangerous romance, and risky alliances set in the rough-and-tumble world of 19th century New York. You'll brave riots, fires, and political spies as you take on a city of jealous rivals, brilliant artists, and stalwart politicians.

"Broadway: 1849" is a 150,000-word interactive historical adventure novel by Robert Davis. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Will you succeed by your smart business sense or enlist the city’s gangs to push your competition out of business? Can you manage the diva personalities of your actors? What about a ghost haunting your theatre's stage?

Are you a flashy producer playing to please the crowd with circus acts? Do you try to earn the respect of the city's leaders with fine art? Can you wrangle the press into writing the best reviews?

• Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual.
• Compete with rivals to stage the biggest shows and gain the largest audience!
• Choose a cast from the city's brightest talent.
• Investigate the hidden secrets of your theatre.
• Rush to defuse a deadly bomb, or let it explode and plunge the city into chaos.
• Nurture young talent or feed your own ambition for the spotlight.
• Rub shoulders with the city's most notorious criminals, or bring their misdeeds to light.
• Help a deserving friend escape the clutches of an unscrupulous businessman.
• Join forces with a criminal gang or side with the mayor’s push for order.

When forced to choose you'll decide whether to fight for peace or let the city burn.

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Tim 5
This game is amazing it is so fun to play i love the storyline but i wish the game was a bit longer but i understand how long it takes to write something like this. Although i would of liked it more if it was a bit cheaper.
jeanette 3
Too short for the price boring boring boring I wish I could get a refund
Adam 3
It's good but suffers the same problem that many of these games do, it's often very difficult to tell which response will work best with your skills. Many times I've selected the option that seems most appointment and it's just wrong. I liked the writing and the setting was interesting, just hardly any choices worked out how I expected.
Nicolee 4
While being well-written, and very multifaceted, I feel like the free trial is a little too short. I'd love to finish it, but haven't got $3.99 for frivolous things right now. Major props to the writer, and thanks for making Hellcat Mary a character!
Elfira 3
The story is immersive! But the choices that are correlated to the stats you chose are too vague... often time I chose the wrong answers because of it... if there's any indication of which answers are from which stats, that would be great! This is why only 3 star from me.
Resha 5
Great game. To the person that complained this was "overly liberal", you do know it is a game, right? I didn't think I had to point it out. But apparently I had to because, you know, this medium called "fiction" is called the way it is because it only borrows elements from reality and used to craft a narrative for the purpose of entertaining people.
John 4
Really like story, setting, characters. Actual game is kind of a dud. Choices presented seldom represent how I would respond in a situation. Terrifically well-written, but the game aspect needs to improve to get me to pay to see the rest.
Brandon 2
This overly liberal/feminist role of this whole book really sets it back. Only women seem to have actually jobs in the society and all the men are crooks or worse... Put that with the complete inability to actually have anything go completely in your favor and you have a bad choice of games mixed with a bad story that alienates readers... It could have been good but having everything shoved down your throat in a time frame when women really weren't the main work force or the best in the business and it just sucks
charles-olivier 4
God damn it. There's a moment where a dude wants to sell his watch i knew it was fake but my character bought it anyway. Im pissed!
Eric 5
This is another marvelous and mesmerising interactive novel.. It depict a wonderful adventure as a New York theater manager with my own choice of production and star actor.. as well as what type of style and taste for my theater.. this is another novel where every penny I spent is well worth it. I really wish the author will consider a sequel to it because there are still many season ahead for my adventures.. I wish I have a chance to commit Louisa to a marriage and promote her as brightness star in show business
Frank 5
Well researched and beautifully written. It's exciting to see this slice of history represented in such a fun and compelling way. Lots of Easter-egg details for those familiar with nineteenth-century American theatre, but you don't need to be an expert to enjoy the characters, the writing, and the playful engagement with a not-so-distant past.


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