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801 rocks spreading happiness and joy World Wide.

We are a community of people who are on the frontlines of a movement to spread happiness and joy to people World Wide, one random rock of kindness at a time.

We strive to promote positivity and make a difference in our communities.

This app will help you create a database of your rocks, hide your rocks using your GPS location, Find rocks based on their GPS location, see the history of your rocks and the rocks you find and track them as they move around the World.

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Latest Ratings

Garrett 3
I love the whole giving and finding rocks, but I don't have a Facebook. Could we get a Google login by any chance?
Brigitte 3
Why is it when someone finds my rock it can't be marked as found? I tried to add a note to it but this isn't working either. I'm optimistic with time this app will be a great tool but for now it still needs improvement.
Brittney 3
Wish you could get notifications when your close to a rock. And i would deffinetly give it five stars if i could save the app to my sd card and not just my internal storage.
Raine 2
I think the app is a great idea, bit I have installed and uninstalled 3 times, cant get it to quit giving me a blue screen. Kind bummed thought the glitches were all out.
Sonya 5
Love this app! Makes it so simple to find and hide rocks!
Donna 3
Seams like it will be a nice app but the map is not loading just a blue screen.
Chey 5
Absolutely love this app..and the group! They are amazing!
Shayne 3
Ok so far. I keep getting an error while trying to create a new rock.
MichelleV 5
I enjoy hiding and painting rocks in this group but I seem to find it easier to use the Facebook page the app is great but there are a lot of updates needed for 1 not everyone in the group can access this app some people do not have internet on their mobile device and others do not have Androids there should be a place on the app to post a rock that you have found and are hiding again. You should be able to tag on the map where you hid a rock without actually having to be at that location because some people take pictures of the rocks on their cell phonesas they hide them then they go home and use their Wi-Fi to post them in the group
Cody 5
801 rocks are awesome and just amazing guys and gals that want to help people spread joy in this world. The app is AWESOME
Kellie 5
Love my rockers! Thanks Cally Turk and everyone else for making a great app!! Look up 801 rocks on fb also!!

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