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Earn FREE BITCOIN 🤑 by playing our Satoshi Slots game every 15 minutes ❤️

Play the Satoshi Slots 🎰 - the newest app from the leading Android Bitcoin company, ClaimBitcoinNetwork! With Bitcoin rising in price every day, why waste your own money buying Bitcoin, when you can get Bitcoin by playing our games 🤑🤑! Its the best, risk-free way to get started with Bitcoin! 👌

Play our slots game - where we offer you three different chances to take what you get when you spin. With maximum prizes around 10,000 Satoshi available during our CRAZY HOURS, you can easily earn enough to cash out in a few plays! 💰💰

To make referring your friends and colleagues worth your time, you can refer them with your special referrer code in your app and you'll also earn 5% of every payout they get! 💰👍 That's Satoshi for doing nothing but telling your mates to download our app! They'll also earn a cheeky bonus of up to 1,000 Satoshi as well! Free, Easy Bitcoin for you! 😁

Join the newest application from the long standing ClaimBitcoinNetwork - Satoshi Slots today, and your account from our other Applications - Claim Free Bitcoin & Wheel of Satoshi - will be merged, so you can earn by using all of our applications! It's Bitcoin earning, but at the speed of light! 🚀

It really is that simple. And once you get to the thresholds for claiming, you can get your Bitcoin sent to you! We offer payments directly to Bitcoin Wallets (with ZERO fees 💪)! We payout every Friday - just make sure you click that claim button to make sure we know to pay you out!!


• The app uses the unit Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.
• If you get paid out via a Bitcoin Wallet directly, we charge a transaction fee.
• If you tamper the app in any way, we reserve the right to terminate your account, and not pay any Bitcoins in your balance.
• We reserve the right to terminate your account if you harass any of our support staff via the review system or via support.
• We only allow 1 account per device.
• At this time we do not support rooted devices. Feel free to use the application - but there might be instances of users triggering our fraud detection because of this. Just let us know if this happens, and our team will help!
• Any violations in our Terms will result in termination of your account.

The main rule of thumb is: Play fair, and earn big! 🙌🤑👌

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Join 'BitAdz' App! Visit Ads to Earn Free Money I never knew I can earn money just by WATCHING Ads!! BitAdz is a legit app that allows you to earning point just by doing some simple tasks (like installing apps, viewing advertisements and so on). Then you can exchange your points for Digital Gift Cardz,Btc,Paytn and there're are various options to choose from. BitAdz app is a perfect app for anyone in anywhere, who has free time but doesn't want to waste it, you can use this app while working, studying,.. simply earning points by watching advertisements!!
Jman 4
The app is easy to use, I have been using it for the past one month now without any issues, and I was able to claim my accumulated Satoshi 30,222 yesterday 11th March and started claiming more but to my greatest surprised I was banned after using it this morning. This can be frustrating you know after much putting in such effort and time to reach such level.
James 4
So far I have no issues, I haven't gotten to the point where I can withdraw yet, so I will update this later. My biggest frustration is the "Heart" icon. I have followed the instructions on getting this and have never received this icon on my account and the company explicitly states that any help requests regarding this will result in your account being deleted. So I find this annoying.
Petar 1
Banned when I wanted to withdraw, this app was working in past for me without any problems. DONT USE STAY AWAY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED EDIT: that's just excuse I am sure i done most of them maybe few were shown as bad I don't recall took me months to collect. Your capcha are problem if I miss one word with my tiny keyboard it will say capcha bad and won't let me type new one. You are just greedy and play with users time.
The app seems great so far nd seems to paying. I do have some small issues though. Here are my 2 complaints: you have to earn 20000 sats to cash out or 100000 if you want it sent directly to a BTC wallet. I know you need to earn money to buy the BTC and pay us however the min cashout does not need to be that high. My second issue is that a lot of users are being banned for failing captchas. One guy was banned after earning 350000 sats for this. I dont believe that someone who put that much effort in would one day deliberately not bother with captchas anymore.
Mike 5
Be sure you put in your email address if requesting coinbase payout. I made the mistake of using my BTC address and never received payment. I should have paid attention, that lesson only cost me 20,000 Satoshi so not a big deal. Otherwise, very easy to use, the ads are not horribly instrusive and the occasional captchas are easy. Edit: used the right address and received payout to my coinbase account. 5 stars.
Shoti 5
Great app!!!! Received my 2nd payment. Just follow the 3 golden rule and you're good to go. Remember: Do not use multiple Google accounts to access our apps on your device. Do not skip or fail too many captchas. We allow some mistakes, but too many, and you'll make your account look like its being accesssed by a BOT! Do not block adverts. We need to make money to buy bitcoin and pay our users out. Blocking adverts means we cannot afford to run the app!
Rozel 1
Not paying. I requested 35,000 satoshis but nothing arrived on my account. They said it was successfully and completed my payment but I haven't yet received my payout! They banned me. Regarding to CBN is not affiliated to! So disappointed!
Looks like it works, my only problem is I see ppl got banned for not writing captcha, I have all 3 apps and 80% of the time I gives no captcha, is this normal? I don't want to get banned after spending hours getting the limit. I will give it a try and see if it's legit, will change to 5 stars if it really works.
Md 1
I don't like your behave. I'm wrong. You wanted coinbase email address and I made a mistake give you coinbase bitcoin address. So it did not. very good very good. I am hard working 17 days for payment. but you don't give me sathoshi. now I unistall your app & review it bad on Google playstore. you don't right. everybody don't work this app. it's fault. my 27750 sathoshi not given.
eduardo 3
Good App It's really amusing coz it gives more satoshis than any free faucet that I used. Im quite worried coz everytime that captchas appeared it says "Bad Captcha" but I didnt do anything yet. Im going to change it into 5 stars after my first pay-out.

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