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Budget planner, expense tracking, and smarter money management

Featured by Google Play as a “Best of 2017” -- Clarity Money is your personal financial advocate. We use data science and machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smarter decisions with your money. Seeing is believing!
What else does Clarity Money do for you?
Our free app will help you save money, plan your budget, track your spending, protect your credit score, and manage all of your accounts, in one place.

- Stop unwanted accounts and subscriptions from charging you
- Find credit card deals based on your spending habits
- Cancel your bills
- Manage your budget and expenses
- Get started saving
- Generate your credit score for free

Clarity Money is your financial champion and advocate, watching your back and looking for ways to save you money while keeping you on budget and in control of your finances. Download Clarity Money today!

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Corey 1
Wanted to like this app, but once I got account to sync, it was showing old information (like a month). I reached out to support and they said it must be downtime with my bank, although my bank app and website were just fine. I wasited 3 days, still hasn't updated. Uninstalling since it's essentially useless to me.
Keigan 4
This app seems great for managing your spending and helping yourself out. However I accidentally added the wrong monthly income and unfortunately don't see a way to change that. So my recommendations seem a little off
Rufus 1
Could not get past my banks security questions. Seemed to get stuck in a loop. Whatever the last question was, kept re asking the question even when correct answer was entered. What a shame, I couldn't use it
Chaz 5
This app has great potential however, it doesn't seem to update often regarding balance results. I have a PNC account linked and my balance has remained the same since I installed the app (2 weeks ago). I've done everything from deleting the app/reinstall to un-linking and linking the bank account, only to see the same bad result. The features are great and I can see myself really using this to help with my spending; if only it worked for me. Hopefully an update will resolve my issue. In the meantime I'm waiting to hear back from customer service in hopes of fixing this. [UPDATE] Updated my review to 5 stars, unbelievable customer service! As seen above I had issues with my account not updating. Customer service contacted me within hours and the issue was resolved in as little as a day. Keep up the great work!
Savanna 1
Stuck trying to log into my bank account, then got stuck on which state I signed up in and it was like stuck in a loop. It wouldn't work whatsoever. It's not worth the time.
Cynthia 5
I love how easy this app is! You add your account and it shows you where your money is going without having to manually enter everything. 2 thumbs up
Peter 4
The app is slick. Quick bug report: Unlinking an account does not remove parts of that account that may be hidden. Also, I uninstalled because of the lack of budgeting and categorization tools.
Faridun 3
It's ok compared to mint. Would really like if they added more banks and other investment apps like Robinhood and acorns. Also the option to make note of each purchase transaction would be great, sometimes I purchase stuff online and forget what it was for exactly.
Nacita 3
It's not allowing me to attach my bank. It keeps repeating the 3rd security question and I know for a fact I am inputting the correct answer. I will re-rate when fixed.
David 1
Couldn't sign up. Kept getting messages saying "Clarity is only available in the United States." Didn't realize that Florida was not in the United States.
Nate 3
I would like to be able to change the categories of Incomes to the same as categories of expenses--like Mint. For example, if I spend $20 on clothes, but a friend pays me back for a portion of that expense (so this would be income)--I want to have the categories of both of those be "Shopping" so that it's applied to my budgets accordingly.

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