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ProHealth Diet

An affordable doctor-supervised weight loss program, complete with one-on-one coaching available in our clinic locations or from the comfort of your own home.

ProHealth Diet Long Description

The ProHealth Diet has a major track record of success with helping our dieters reach their weight loss goals, establish better health and improve self-esteem! The life style change it creates can and should be permanent! Why bother losing weight if it doesn’t stay off, right? This is our specialty!

The ProHealth Diet is an actual "plan/system"... one that has already been figured out for you. No more guessing on how to lose weight! All you need to do is plug it into your life, do exactly as your coach will teach you and you will experience those same excellent results that make our dieters so happy!

Once you have completed the program, we will help you transition back into the non-dieting world. Your coach will assist you in every step of the way. Unlike many other programs, as we transition into "maintenance" we will not just disappear out of your life. Our goal is to help every one of our dieters keep that weight off and enjoy the new, healthy you for life.

The ProHealth Diet is designed to meet the individual needs of each dieter! The FOUR main things that set us apart from others and make our program so predictably successful are:

Results: What kind of results can you expect? How long will it take? Women often lose on average 3 or more pounds per week and for men, 5 or more per week. This is fast, but not too fast. The best part is this is under the supervision of a licensed doctor of Chiropractic to help ensure the journey truly is safe and healthy for you from start to finish!

The Food: We offer a large variety of extremely affordable food meal replacements. This is our secret weapon to achieving faster than normal weight loss. Food options (over 70 different kinds) are approximately $2 per meal. Many of our dieters choose to stay partially on our food long after they have completed the diet simply because they love it and it helps keep them safe from weight gain. Think of it as delicious insurance!

The System: Most people want to be told exactly what to do to get the job done. We have a complete system you will literally plug into your life. Everything has been figured out for you. When you go to the grocery store you will know exactly what you are looking for. Follow the system and you will achieve the results! Its science and it’s proven.

The Coaching: This is paramount to the success of our dieters. Having a personal coach you communicate with on a regular basis is the final puzzle piece that makes this program really work! People have tried to lose weight “on their own” for years. A few succeed, many do not. Having someone you are accountable to every week changes the ballgame and results can become exactly what you hope for and which we expect. Your coach will set short term and long term goals with you and assist you in achieving each one!

If nothing changes, nothing changes! Let us help you make the change!

The simplicity of the program, the large amount of food choices, and the one-on-one coaching available will continue to make this program a success. Look good, feel good! It’s what we do. Come join us!

App Functionalities include:

1. Third Party Integration with Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, GoogleFit and Levl.
2. HIPAA Compliant Messaging & Scheduling
3. Progress Tracking
4. Hydration & Supplement Tracking
5. Meal Logging

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