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Using the science of the body to tackle issues like weight, stress, & lifestyle.

What is Zelo? The definition eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of a new lifestyle.

We provide program based solutions that align with healthy living.
We provide the best care products and service that capture nutritional, medical, and holistic remedies.

Zelo Living is about stepping into life again with zeal and vitality. The combination of mind, body, and balance allows you to optimize your body and self. We are always changing, expanding, and developing. Life itself is a cyclical journey and we are making adjustments from every aspect to be our healthiest and optimal self.

We are made up of complex systems and thoughts and as a result, one product, one fix, has not been able to address the entire systems of the body and mind. It’s so much more than what we put into our bodies by also what we put into our minds. You’re stepping out of one lifestyle and into another with endless possibilities. You have all the tools to live you best life, let’s put them to good use!

When we can nourish the brain with good sleep and fuel, we can expect to make better lifestyle choices by reducing the impacts of stress. The mind is so powerful. We want to do our best to optimize its functions. Food and thoughts directly impact our health and ultimately our lives. In this phase we want to feed our mind with quality food, sleep, thoughts, goals and affirmations to help us on the road to a better lifestyle.

This phase is a specialized fat burning program that blends a specific food plan with a daily peptide dose to optimize fat burning and reset your metabolism. We want your weight loss experience to be successful and sustainable. Using the science of the body to target fat stores that are otherwise hard to burn. While most diets out there will lose muscle and water weight this approach specifically targets fat stores, which release calories throughout the day. Leaving you feeling satisfied.

We are balancing our body and expanding our knowledge about what foods we want and need in out body. This phase we will be reinforcing our new diet of low carb living, no sugar, no white flour, high healthy fats, a wide variety of vegetable, and low glycemic fruits. We want to be mindful of the choices we make. Here we are balancing our blood sugar, hormones, sleep, and energy.

App Functionalities include:

1. Third Party Integration with Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, GoogleFit and Levl.
2. HIPAA Compliant Messaging & Scheduling
3. Progress Tracking
4. Hydration & Supplement Tracking
5. Meal Logging

For iOS Submission all of it is the same except this part (since they don't like3rd party stuff w/ other companies)

App Functionalities include:

1. Third Party Integration with Apple HealthKit
2. HIPAA Compliant Messaging & Scheduling
3. Progress Tracking
4. Hydration & Supplement Tracking
5. Meal Logging

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