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World's 1st-ever 2048 Tower Defense Game

★ 'Dead 2048' Is a Clever Spin on the 'Threes!' and '2048' Formula - Touch Arcade
★ Awarded Top 3 at The Big Indie Pitch by Pocket Gamer(GSTAR NOV. 2017)
★ Awarded Top 5 at Global Indie Game Development Contest(DEC. 2017)

Welcome to the World’s 1st-ever 2048 Tower Defense Game.
It’s Dangerously Fun! It’s Free! Icecream, Anyone?

The year is 2048. The world has been taken over by Zombies and its upto the player to survive the invasion of Zombie Waves. It’s an innovative & addictive combination of 2048 puzzle fun factor and Tower Defense mechanics. Build Towers to defend, ultimately build-up a Biology Laboratory to save the world. Survival is all it matters.

1) Swipe (Diagonally Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the defense towers. When two towers with the same number touch, they merge into one.
2) Build Higher Towers to defend against Zombie Waves along the fence road.
3) Wisely use upgrades and items to help you during challenging moments.
4) When 131072 Defense Tower(Biology Laboratory) is created, the player wins!

1) Are big fans of the 2048 Free Games
2) Are big fans of the Tower Defense Games
3) Are big fans of Zombies
4) Are tired of the same free games
5) Are looking for a new experience
6) Love playing the game to see the ending( Finale )
7) Only keep games worth playing
8) Love uploading their plays on Youtube

DEFENSE TOWERS: Help the Man’s job
2: Wood Frame Tower
4: Warehouse Tower
8: Chamber Tower
16: Head Quarter Tower
32: Post Tower
64: Big Post Tower
128: Crossbow Tower
256: Big Crossbow Tower
512: Guard Tower
1024: Big Guard Tower
2048: Shotgun Tower
4096: Big Shotgun Tower
8192: Cannon Tower
16384: Big Cannon Tower
32768: Nuclear Plant
65536: Research Tower
131072: Biology Laboratory

★ It’s what they say in the south. A Man’s gotta do, what a Man’s gotta do.

ZOMBIES along the Road
Season 1: Walkers “People call me walker, because I walk” vs The walking zombies
Season 2: Bonies “I like brains, just like the rest of the walkers” vs The walking zombies
Season 3: Riders “You don’t need to outrun zombies, just your friends"
Season 4: Bursters “I am safe from head shots” vs walking Zombie
Season 5: Scavengers “Beware of smartphone walking Zombies"
Season 6: Stalkers “I woke up like this” vs The walking Zombie
Season 7: Pukers “I love it when people puke on me” vs The walking zombies
Season 8: Giants “I am a big zombie buff” vs The walking zombies

No it's no ordinary 2048 puzzle free game
No it’s no ordinary Zombie game
No it’s no ordinary Tower Defense game (Road to Survival)
Easy and fun to play - (but hard to master)
Extremely Addictive and a great time killer for free
Upgrades and Boosters to help during challenging moments
Can be played without internet connection
Game client available in 11 Languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese)

Survival Road, Survival Road, Survival Road…That’s all it matters
★ It’s what they say in the south. A Man’s gotta do, what a Man’s gotta do.

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Pocket Gamer

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Derek 5
I love the update, I am sad however that my game crashed at building 16384. I can move tiles around but countdown timer is stuck and no zombies .. lost my score
It's ok. Gets hard to play & manage your towers . Get stuck alot. Then you have to start all the way over, kinda lame
Lawrence 2
This game gets boring after a few rounds. Power-ups are so scarce and expensive.
Benjamin 4
The game is awesome and enjoyable, try to add storyline so the game not repetitive, Good Job guys
Vlad 5
If you try to play it as a tower defender, you must be daft. Choose 1 corner, best one would be lower middle. Then do your best to build the 1 highest tower. First run I got to round 30. Second round I made a 4096 tower and it led me over lvl 40. Careful though, the best placement for your highest tower is in the corner. Accidentally moved it out of said corner and it's dmg became a joke
Kootips 4
I enjoy the challenging aspect of the game because you have to focus on 2 different things, forming towers and placement of towers. However, I feel that the zombie waves get too strong after wave 15ish where I am unable to form enough strong towers to get a perfect clear. I have never gotten past wave 25 and it's just too difficult to complete some of the missions. Like others have said, archers are useless and it takes too long to unlock the missions for range increase. I hope you guys can make changes to zombie hp scaling.
This game is freaking dope besides a few small things. First off I think that the game board should be bigger giving the player more space to make matches and allowing the game to last longer. Secondly there needs to be adjustments to how the chracters on each tower attack, I feel that with each upgrade they should get different weapons that could possibly do different types of damage and those different types of damage would be needed against specific types of zombies that could only be damaged by those types of weapons. Lastly this game is gonna need challenges, bigger bosses, daily goal and some form of ranking that is bigger then what is already here. Besides all of that this game is really great and I cannot wait o play the full version.
Ri8pxTid9e 1
I don't care about the graphics. This game mechanics are horrible. I play better randomly that I did try to play it strategic
Bludgeondary 2
Love the graphics, hate the gameplay. If you just start randomly swiping different directions you will accidentally do better than if you strategize.
Earlz 5
Mixed things up! Really nice to have well thought game mechanics for a few times;)
Ethel 5
It could be better. But it's ok the graphics are marvelous too. ..

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