Escape game: 50 rooms 2

Escape game: 50 rooms 2








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A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worth your download.

Classic room escape game "Escape game:the 50 rooms 2" released.

This is a classic puzzle game,You must not miss it!

50 different styles of rooms,Let you constantly observe, judge, calculate, until escape.

A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worth your download.

When you are confused,Humanized hints,Help you to escape.

50 levels, so you can not stop ...

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Janelle 3
It's a lot of fun, however I think it's got some glitches. For example lvl 8 the baseball pic has a number puzzle. I entered an answer, nothing g happened so I used my hints... Which gave me the answer I have entered in. Still, nothing happens. I have to close the app and then redo the level. This isn't the first level I've had this problem with. If it keeps happening I will uninstall. Fingers crossed!!
LaTanya 1
I uninstalled for 2 reasons: 1st-If you have to take a call, charge your phone, or send a text you will be forced to start that level ALL OVER AGAIN! 2nd-The puzzles are difficult (high levels) and there are NO WALKTHROUGHS! The hints they give you are not walkthroughs, so they will not help you solve ANYTHING! This game sucks!!!!!!!!
Dr 4
I liked the game a lot. But there are two points that could be improved. First, if you stop playing a level, when you go back you have to start over. Second, a few of the puzzles are three & four levels deep. For me they are extremely difficult to figure out.
Lisajane 2
Can't get past level 4, I put the numbers in for the drawers and when I get to the correct answer it freezes - nothing happens and although I can move around the room both sets of drawers won't open! Won't let me put anymore numbers in either, very perplexed.
duane 5
This is probably the best game that l've played in a long time! If you want challenges, then you came to the right place. Puzzles are somewhat tough but fun. Good job on making a great game!! ๐Ÿ‘
Heather 3
Great game! Doesn't save progress unless completed level. Also level 24 on the the enter button when entering code doesn't work. So now I am stuck. Probably uninstall and try another game.
Reg 4
hate the adds and popups but nothing is really free so its part of what you have to put up with. game gets tough farther in you go so good challenge to it. Keep it up
Katya 4
It's good so far. I'm stuck on lvl 14, I can't seem to light up the green lights in a star shape. One major problem I have is there is no pause button or something, because when you leaving the game for a few seconds and then go back to it, you have to restart the entire room. The first escape game 50 rooms was good about that and didn't make me start the whole room over. Can someone fix this or put a pause button of some sort
Stephanie 3
I hate that if I have to exit the app it makes me start all over. Some levels are timely and having to start over is frustrating. Otherwise great game !
Tina 3
I've played other escape games that have more interesting rooms and ways of searching/solving. I have to day that the most annoying part so far have been tghe bugs, even though it claims to have fixed them. On the first two levels it would just randomly boot me out of the game back to the menu, and I'd have to start the room over. I almost didn't go back after that, but needed something more engaging than Facebook on a long car ride. I didn't experience any other issues until Level 8, where the picture frame safe would not open. I had the right code, but the numbers froze, and quitting and restarting the app didn't fix it either. Don't really think I need to waste any more time on this game. Glad it was great for some of you!
Desiree 5
Great work as usual. Still some puzzle glitches here and there but nothing to make me not play as much as possible.

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