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Free coloring book

PixBox Coloring - Color by number is a free number coloring APP for everyone.
Draw pixel art images by numbers, relax, learn and enjoy!

Easy to use!

A huge amount of free images to paint!

Just choose a picture and draw!

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4.0.3 and up
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Latest Ratings

Cameron 4
This is a great app. The thing that would make it worth that 5th star is if you add the option to use the pictures in our phone gallery.
Maxy 2
I enjoy the coloring BUT it moves everytime my finger hits my phone screen making it harder to get all the numbers I was originally working upon. Fix this and I will give 5stars
I think it it is a great app because I enjoy colouring
lids 1
I hate it because there is a lot of other coloring games that you can double yap and it will color the hole section. But this one won't
Aka 5
It's an amazing app, since I have anger issues it really calms me. And I love all the different style pictures it has.
jerry 4
This gets very addictive did play fill in's or cards slot more fun need more pictures
Aubrey 2
I didn't expect the boxes to be so tiny. Might give another chance but less likely.
I love this game until it deleted coloring picture that took a long time and I didn't delet it so do something
Andrea 3
This app is ok but theres no way to save my work and it slides all over the place. its hard to color it.
I absolutely love it its so relax and and it doesn't delete all history your when you exit like the other games do . thanks for making this amazing app☺
Angel 3
The pictures are pretty cute. I like it so far, but there are four ways you can DRASTICALLY improve the controls. 1.) I recommend a color-lock feature, meaning once color is added to a cell it stays there. That way, when we're adding a different color to surrounding cells, the color of that one cell won't change if we accidentally run over it. 2.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an undo feature!! I filled all the cells for several of the colors, but I accidentally erased or miscolored a few cells here and there, and when I went to fix them, I couldn't select the check marked color and there was no undo button! So the only way I'm ever going to fix those errors is to start all over from the beginning! SUPER FRUSTRATING!!! 3.) All I wanna do is hit the save button, save the picture, and go on. I'm really not interested in watching the animation. If it's about giving us something to do while we wait for the save to go through, it'd be great if you could simply fix it so that it saved more quickly. 4.) It would be really convenient if there were a second page we could select where only the pictures we're currently working on were listed so that we didn't have to scroll through everything just to get to them. I dunno about everyone else, but these are pretty big frustrations for me.

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