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Description & Details

Ultimate ninja shadow shinobi storm war

Fight with your Ultimate ninja battle and destroy enemies .
Features a similar gameplay experience to shinobi war.


- Easy and Simple to play.
- Amazing 2D animations.
- Cool skill design and effect.
- Flexible moving and game play.
- A lot of challenges and stages.
- Play with friends in Local Multiplayer.

The game features a unique battle system with special attacks and various techniques that can be used. It also features several items, like kunai and shuriken.
There are many multi-layered stages from around the Naru universe

The simple goal is to fight the opposing shinobi and to win by reducing their health to zero. There are special techniques and jutsu that can be used.
Some characters feature the ability to activate special mode by inflicting the special techniques which enhances their status and gives them new abilities.
It also features several items, like sharingan and susano .

The game also uses support characters such as naruto : Madara, Sasuke, Boruto,
Kakashi, Itachi, naruto ...

The game features an arcade style story mode. Although the game loosely covers the events in the original anime from the Introduction arc up to the Invasion.

The game features a similar gameplay experience to Ultimate Ninja Battle, featuring many of the same gameplay elements and geography.
The game replaces the arcade-style story mode from the original game with an RPG story mode

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Latest Ratings

Shbahrin 5
This game is the best ever what i was though before i played. I'm so happy playing this games. But i wan't to submit about sasukes skill and eyes strengthened.. Sasuke isnt use yet " Shinra tensei at movies or episode..more i was see already sasuke more use rinnegan eye called 'Rinnegan Amenotejikara' or teleportations..gokakyu no jutsu,Space and time,Complete susanoO (Mangekyou sharingan version), Chibaku tensei...please fix it dear fren. All of his version please check it out at the boruto episode version now..or at the movies the last and bn the movie
It is the best Naruto game I played so far but I hope you add more characters . It is all ready a really good game but adding new character it will be more cool and try to make it like naruto mugen
Its the very very best game i have ever played really, graphics are very good, indeed most of all naruto characters are here but still, there are missing: hamura, hagoromo, toneri, indra and asura, but overall, it was great, excellent, i would recommend this to all gamers and fans of naruto, surely they would like this.
This game is amazing but add characters like Obito, Konohamaru, Temari, TenTen, Shikamaru. And I would love it if you could add a sharingan technique for the characters that have the sharingan. oh and don't forget Mitsuki and Sarada.
Vaughn 5
Very good but it would be better if the sassoon were full like sasukes adult on for everyone who have sassoon and everything full tail beast please
I God damn like the game but could you create a bleach game like this please I am so obsessed with bleach and seriously you need to add tailed beast Susano and bijju Minato and hokage kakashi and tobi
Feroze 5
Plz add kid naruto and susuke with one tail and curse mark
Sam 5
Its really awsome game but it need more character like obito hinata shikamaro and kabuto and plz make pain and minato more powerful and give them more skills cuz they look weak exactly minato It will make the game better
ExtraZoned 5
THIS GAME IS PERFECT! All I ask is for you(or you people) to add more characters and character change in game, like in Naruto Ninja Storm 4. The supporter's and becoming the other characters. Also kid characters. That's it.
Rohit 5
E character of jinchurichi and kid Naruto and Sasuke and one more thing Gaara has the awakening of one tailed beast
hiiro 4
Pls add sage of six path Naruto and sage mode Naruto this two is my favorites character mode

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