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Ultimate ninja shadow shinobi storm war

Fight with your Ultimate ninja battle and destroy enemies .
Features a similar gameplay experience to shinobi war.


- Easy and Simple to play.
- Amazing 2D animations.
- Cool skill design and effect.
- Flexible moving and game play.
- A lot of challenges and stages.
- Play with friends in Local Multiplayer.

The game features a unique battle system with special attacks and various techniques that can be used. It also features several items, like kunai and shuriken.
There are many multi-layered stages from around the Naru universe

The simple goal is to fight the opposing shinobi and to win by reducing their health to zero. There are special techniques and jutsu that can be used.
Some characters feature the ability to activate special mode by inflicting the special techniques which enhances their status and gives them new abilities.
It also features several items, like sharingan and susano .

The game also uses support characters such as naruto : Madara, Sasuke, Boruto,
Kakashi, Itachi, naruto ...

The game features an arcade style story mode. Although the game loosely covers the events in the original anime from the Introduction arc up to the Invasion.

The game features a similar gameplay experience to Ultimate Ninja Battle, featuring many of the same gameplay elements and geography.
The game replaces the arcade-style story mode from the original game with an RPG story mode

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Latest Ratings

Hisoka 5
Sir, your games are awesome and I love all of them. I would just like to request 3 more additions from you:- 1) Add Naruto's Six Paths Sage Mode (from shippuden) and Sasuke's Rinnesharingan Mode (from shippuden too) along with their awakenings. 2) Make Adult Sasuke's Perfect Susanoo a bit smaller, because it is way too large and becomes hard to navigate through the screen. 3) Add legs to all of the incomplete Susanoos (like that of Itachi, EMS Sasuke) and Momoshiki's Golem. Thanks for reading my review and I hope you implement them :)
Brandon 4
Nice game, pretty creative. Even though there are a good amount of characters, my only gripe is they could include more, especially side characters like all of konoha 11 Darui, Danzo, Temari, kankuro etc.. but still nice game
Ndayishimiye 5
This game is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep up the good work. Can u please add mitsuki and add gaara's Beast and how do u turn in to Kurama susanoo armor mode if it's not even in the game please add that
Eric 3
It's a nice game....but...the gameplay isn't that nice. Cause you can't move the camera,it's just stationed which makes the game a little bit lame. Not like naruto storm 4 or something like can die and you have to destroy 3 towers to win. And it also have bigger area of gameplay. But,if you'd just change the largeness of the gameplay....and change it like naruto storm 4....i'll give you 4 or mabye 5. The characters are great,also the controls,the graphics,
Muhammad 5
I love Naruto games, this my first time i download it. And please ad more characters and naruto's tailed beast armored
Devraj 5
Great game,but I cannot figure how to choose both sides of the battle. Like I cannot choose my character and my opponent both. Please help! 😢
XpertTrollz 5
The game is great but i think u should add characters like so6p naruto teen and rinnegan sasuke teen and sasuke curse mark , lee tenten neji yeah thats it
Sasuke 5
I love it.....but where are the other like Ino Shikmaru Hinata Kiba Shino Asuma Sarada And all the tails beast... And .....kabuto..danzo..3 kazekage...garra sand....and iron sand.....and zubuza and haku.... Sound ninja .lord orachimaro ninjas....he made...and obito....not tobi...but without the mask...
Bem 5
Yeah the game is not bad but if you could have or teach us how to play local game and add a little less mor of heroes it will be full five star👣👌👌👌👌
Sahabi 4
The game is nice but i don't like how you guys made minato so weak You need to improve his moves Like his rasengan make it bigger and remove the gamakichi move cuz its pretty useless and you could replace it with a more long lasting effective and easier to time moveand i think minato should have his bijuu mode and pleeeeaaase add more characters especially shikamaru and hinata Reeeeaaaly looking forward to the update
I God damn like the game but could you create a bleach game like this please I am so obsessed with bleach and seriously you need to add tailed beast Susano and bijju Minato and hokage kakashi and tobi

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