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Best anime hero fight game like: super saiyan, ninja, shinobi war, pirate, ...

It’s time to enter the anime world.
You have to beat many hero villains in order to unlock the final Boss.
More you fight more you gain power and strength.

- Easy and Simple to play.
- Amazing 2D animations.
- Cool skill design and effect.
- Flexible moving and game play.
- A lot of challenges and stages.
- Play with friends in Multiplayer.
The simple one piece goal is to fight the opposing hero and to win by reducing their health to zero. There are special techniques and jutsu that can be used.
Some characters feature the ability to activate special mode by inflicting the special techniques which enhances their status and gives them new abilities.
It also features several items, like sharingan and susano, kamehameha .
The game also uses support characters such as naruto : sasuke, ichigo, erza, saitama, luffy, goku, vegeta, natsu ...
The game features an arcade style story mode. Although the game loosely covers the events in the original manga from the Introduction arc up to the Invasion.
Each stories consist of up to six battles divided by dialogues style display, one of many homages to its source material.
The game features a similar gameplay experience to Ultimate ninja battle, bleach featuring many of the same gameplay elements and geography.
The game replaces the arcade-style story mode from the original game with an RPG story mode

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2.3 and up
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500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

Galaxy 5
I love this game... but there are two problems, one is I have no idea how to select my characters in Jus mode and two everytime I press multiplayer and try playing on multiplayer it doesnt seem to find a match no matter how long I wait (note I have waited about five to ten minutes) and I am using good internet so there shouldnt be any problem
This game is actually amazing and really fun to play. The selection of characters is awesome and there's a good amount of arenas so its not so easy to get bored of the game! All I ask is for the game to continue with more new characters (Rin Okumura would be a awesome character on the game) and more new maps to enjoy! This game has a lot of potential and seeing it stop without any updates would be really sad. Keep it up!
Nitesh 5
Please try to get rid of problems in multi player mode. Also goku doesn't transform into super saiyan during multi player mode. Also some characters still raise their power even thpugh their life is getting less.. please look into the above mentioned matters. I love the game and have gotten excellent at it.
Alex 5
I love this game is awesome, but it needs more characters. PS. : I love your game, I play it all the time. And as soon as I mentioned more characters you added more. I hope you don't mind me sending you a list of some cool characters in case that you might decide to add more in the future: Toriko Kazuya (Scryed) Tsuna (Reborn) Guts (Berserker) Kenichi (Strongest disciple) Seiya, Hyoga, Ikki, Shun, Shyrio(Saint Seiya) Makunoichi Ippo (Hajime No Ippo) Alucard (Helsing) Astroboy Casshern Edward Elric Guyver Devilman Vash Stampede Vampire Hunter D Baki Rin Okumura (blue exorcist) Souichiro Nagi Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara) Shichika Yasuri (Katanagari) Neko (Hero Academia)
It's really really good. Only problem I got are some of the moveset. I believe are just saitama's moveset (his attacks should bigger and faster), ichigo should have bankai, give Yoh more attacks with the big sword and give luffy gear 4 more attacks. Thx and blessed fam
Puji 4
Nice game. Hey no zoro and sanji for one piece? But the admiral in there? And where chara from famous manga jump like HxH, Gintama, Reborn? Please add it. And add the name for the character, with easier select chara
lovely 5
Man you have every potential to make this game's like jump ultimate stars.... i do hope you dont get sued or something..... i enjoyed it
Jose 4
I love it! It's super fun and addictive and all, but I feel as though there should be more characters and also there are some characters that are a bit too broken (madara).
Toram 5
Its nice cause of the anime characters but the cost is to expensive and the match win doesn't drop a ton
Naruto 5
Update this game goku and vegeta should have at least god blue form and why does ichigo does not have bankai powers.May u plz read this and update it.Thank you.
Junevincent 4
I love it but Actually some hero are doesn't have special skill... And fix the bug in multiplayer please..

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