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Description & Details

Pirate Fight luffy battle 2

It’s time to enter the pirate world. Your mission is to help luffy the east blue ocean pirate to win the battle.

You have to beat 8 pirate villains in order to unlock the final Boss.

More you fight more you gain power and strength.

How to play:

Left/Right Attack Buttons – Makes your luffy hero attack in left and right
Gear 5 Button – Super power form of luffy dragon monkey
Angry blue Button – Unlock the power of the legendary one pirate.

Collect money in order to:

Buy more lives
Get stronger
Use ultimate skills such as jet pistol, elephant Gatling gun

So are you ready to take your one piece luffy to the final level?
Can you really challenge all pirates in one single battle?

This the best pirates game made by big one piece fan team. Try it now!

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Latest Ratings

dewi 5
Wouldn't it be a good idea if players can select character on a larger panel ? So we can just tap the one we like without scrolling. I think it will be efficient and easier. I usually play Boa Hancock, and i have to scroll the long way everytime i want to use her. Anyways, i enjoy this game very much. I found it as a good time killer. And it's a good thing players can just rematch without having to select character again
D 3
I love it but after each battle , ads always appear. I repeat AFTER EACH BATTLE. Yeah , you can skip ads but still so annoying. I hope next time pls lessen the ads appearance (not after each battle) , but out of all this game is awesome....
Mark 5
I like it very much This is the best one piece fighting game I played so far Me and my friends enjoy this game But pls update and add more characters like Ivankov, Bon Clay, Mr 3, Cracker, Big Mom and Katakuri
Aliyah 5
The best one piece game ive played so far but please add more characters like : Jozu,Tesoro,Zephyr,Ichji,Niji,Reiji,Judge,Caesar clown,Pika,Diamante,Lao G,Bartolomeo,Jesus Burgees,Fighters in the arena plz get this guys this game will have lots of characters to choose from and Also Get Jack and Kinemon from kaido and samurai PS. Make fairytail and Boruto version
xyon 5
This game is great, but the next character you should ad is Bartolomeo
Tanveer 5
Cool but plz add.KAIDO,BIG MOM,TRESOR AND DIAMOND JOZ.And plz more update.AND THIS game is the best game of one piece ever.and i mind my words.nice job.
mark 5
This. Game is so nice pls more update and more characters
Please add more characters like jewel jozu, basil hawkins, scratchman apoo, vergo, cesar, donxiquette family all commanders of whitebeard pirates, and more pls.. And trailing missions
Hariss 5
Whoaa great, can you make the movement smoother? It would be amazing😁
kid 3
Doflamingo is way too overpowered in this game..
Jared 5
Cool game,please update for more character

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