Super Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter

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By NNC dev Category Adventure #6

Description & Details

Dragon super saiyan plays like 2D fighting game.

There are 40 playable characters shadow in most battle fighter versions of the game. All characters featured in the previous game are available in this game as well. Battles can now involve up to ten characters fighting one at a time on the battle-field, with one teammate coming
in after the other has been knocked out or when the player wishes to switch to another fighter.
Super saiyan goku : Dragon saiyan fighting series plays like 2D fighting game.

This is referring to Free Battle options.

Play this game vs heroes : goku, gohan, black, jiren ...

- Fighting is great.
- Graphic 2D is great.
- Play with friends in multiplayer mode.
- Many mode to play.

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Android Version
3.0 and up
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Rated for 3+
Installs (Google)
100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Hisoka 5
This game is overall the best DB game. But it could be a bit better if you fix some of the things. First, please fix the color palletes of some the characters like ssj4 vegeta, gotenks and piccolo. And second, add some more characters, old and new alike, like ssj3 goku, jiren, goku mui. Other than that, the game is amazing. I am really hoping that you would implement my suggestions, Sir. And I am willing time to wait for it to happen, even if it took a long time. With regards.
video 4
I loved the gameplay and all,but you should at least change types of power level during co-op because it doesn't make sense to make a higher price because everyone has the same power,also I really want Jiren😂
Please add some crash to ground and the Kamehameha collided side with side like dragon Ball tribute in y8 .thank you😂 ,I really love this game..😁it's so simple😂In 2 year I finally found a simple dbz game 😭. Thank because have time to read.
It cool but you mid to fix it and more characters like goku ssj 2 and 3 and goku ssj blue kioken and jiren,vegita ssj blue beyond vegita ultra interest and zamus when use full power all character of the 11 universe add gogeto ssj 4 and vegita and goku ssj beyond like the form of broly piccolo with out his white cap cell first and second form and prefect form beyond and goku ultra interest 2,3 please update his because it the Best game very please OK think you very much
Rainbow 4
Can you add more players like jiren,God of destruction toppo,MUi goku, Dypso, jiren full power,false super Saiyan goku,thx
Could you add more new forms for vegeta and improve ssj4 vegeta because he looks weird and can you add more new characters please update sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
I love this game but please remove the fanmade characters and put jiren, syn shenron, king piccolo, and other db, dbz, dbs, and dbgt characters instead
Lasha 5
This is the game i have been waiting for on tablets and phones! And i love the naruto game you made, also ssj 3d. Keep up the good work! All i ask to add to this game is more characters and being able to choose the stage you want. My new favorite mobile game so far!
Unknown 1
Survive 5
The game is perfect one of my top 5 dragon ball games on a mobile device but add royale blue vegeta mastered ultra instict goku and full power jiren
TheGamerBoy 5
Its is good but can you do like people can choose map and pls add new character's like in Tournament of power.

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