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Brahman Attitude Quotes allows you to create wallpapers with quotes! share group

The word Brahmin translates to “Supreme Self” or the first of the gods. Brahmin is the highest Varna in Vedic Hinduism. The population of India that is considered a member of the Brahmin caste according to the article “The Joshua project” is about 60,481,000 people. That’s approximately 4.3 percent of the total Indian population. The Brahmin Varna consists of priests, and individuals of this specific Varna are separated into sub-castes called gotras. Because of the religious and cultural diversity Brahmins are divided into these sub- castes. Only some members are priests, other members have held professions as educators, law makers, scholars, doctors, writers, poets, land owners, and politicians. According to Nancy Auerbach in her book Living Hinduism the Brahmin is associated with Sanatana Dharma which was in early Hinduism and is a code of ethics, or a way of living in order to achieve “mosksha” a sense of liberation and enlightenment. As the developments of the caste system continues, Brahmins became an influential Varna in India and discriminated against the other lower castes.
Most Brahmins are located in the Northern states of India which includes Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, and small concentrations in the southern states which includes Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.

App Features:
* Select from 100+ Brahman Attitude status in Hindi.
* Choose from hand-picked Brahman wallpapers.
* Set lord Brahman Attitude quotes on background.
* Adjust opacity of quotes and background image.
* Change font color & pinch to zoom in-out text.
* Save the photo and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.
Brahmin Gotras:Aamat, Agastya, Ainakula, Audala, Angirasa, Atri, Akshinthala, Aatreya, Bharadwaj, Bhargava, Bhrigu, Brihadbala, Chandratre, Dhananjaya, Dubey, Garg, Gautam, Gaur, Harinama, Haritasya, Jamadagni, Jilakara, Kadam, Kashyapa, Kaushal, Kaplansh, Kaundinya, Kutsa, Manu, Mouthkalya, Sabarniya, Marichi, Nanda, Nageswar, Parashar,
Brahman is also called: Brahmin Status, pandit Status, Brahmin Quotes, pandit Quotes, Brahmin Shayari, pandit shayari, Chanakya Status, Chanakya Quotes, Chanakya Shayari, Brahmin Attitude Status, pandit Attitude Status, Brahmin Attitude Quotes, pandit Attitude Quotes, Brahmin Attitude Shayari, pandit Attitude shayari, Chanakya Attitude Status, Chanakya Attitude Quotes, Chanakya Attitude Shayari,
Brahman's are known as Dwivedi, Trivedi, Chaturvedi, Dubey, Chaubey, Tripathi, Tiwari, Mishra, Joshi, Pandey, Shukla, Deekshit, Pathak, Agnihotri, Tyagi, Ojha, Bharadwaj, Sharma, Dutt, Kaul, Mattoo, Haksar / Hak, Tikkoo, Labroo, Bindroo, Raina, Razdan, Joshi, Trivedi, Pathak, Vyas, Bhat / Bhatt, Desai (some), Apte, Gokhale, Ranade, Lele, Nene, Kulkarni, Joshi, Shukla, Chitale, Vaidya, Deekshit, Deshpande, Mukherjee, Banerjee, Chatterjee, Ganguly, Bhattacharjee, Chakrabarti, Sanyal, Lahiri, Bagchi, Bhaduri, Maitra, Ray Chaudhuri, Ghoshal, Tagore / Thakur,Mishra, Rath, Kar, Dash, Mahapatra, Satapathy, Tripathy, Acharya, Panda,Goswami, Borthakur, Barua, Gayen, Bhattacharjee, Chakrabarti, Iyer, Iyengar, Shastry, Chari, Adiga, Joshi, Kulkarni, Hegde, Desai, Shenoy, Bhat, Pai, Prabhu, Kamath, Benegal, Shanbhag, Shirali, Padukone, Bhardwaj, Shukla, Bhanot, Tiwari, Pathak, Kaul, Dhar, Matoo, Pandit , pandita, Rena, Srinath, Prasad, Kumble, Tendulkar, Drawid, Ganguly, Srikant, Shastri, Devgan, Bachan, Srivastav, Bhatt, Vajpayi, Tyagi, Tilak, chaturvedi, Rao, Dikshit, Pushkar, Vyas, Kaushik, Mishra etc.
Pancha Gauda Brahmins, Assam Brahmins, Bihar Brahmins, Haryana Brahmins, Madhya Pradesh Brahmins, Nepal Brahmins, Odisha/Orissa Brahmins, Punjab Brahmins, Rajasthan Brahmins, Kashmiri pandit, Kashmir Brahmins, Uttar Pradesh Brahmins, Bengal Brahmins, Pancha Dravida Brahmins, Andhra Pradesh Brahmins, Gujarat Brahmins, Maharashtra Brahmins, Goa and Konkan Brahmins, Tamil Nadu Brahmins, Karnataka Brahmins, Kerala Brahmins, Burma Brahmins.

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